homemade thank you gifts

So my latest obsession, phase, and hobby has been sewing. I have had so much fun making things on my new sewing machine and it's all thanks to my mom and dad. It was the perfect Christmas gift! I made them each a little something to say thank you.
My mom always has to make a trip to her chiropractor after Ella comes to visit because she holds her so much that she gets her neck and back all out of whack! So I made her a neck heating pad that she can heat up in the microwave. I had a harder time thinking of something to make for my dad. He loves to play golf so I made him a golf tee holder. Now I know that golf tees do not need there own holder so it's really more of a "its the thought that counts" kind of gift rather than a useful one.
I sewed two pieces of fabric together and attached a handle on each side,
filled it with rice and cut up pieces of lavender dryer sheets (lavender is what should be used but I couldn't find any)
sewed the opening closed and then I hand stitched "thank you" on the handle.
Just put it in the microwave for 3 minutes and it's ready to go on your neck.
I used the same pattern as I did on Ella's crayon holder but just made it a little longer so it could hold 18 tees.
I hope they like their homemade gifts cause it's only the start of many more to come!


Danica said...

LOVE LOVE that idea! And the thank you part makes it so sweet and personal - you are going to get me addicted to fabric too!!!

jan said...

That is so sweet Allison! I know they will just cherish them!!

jordan said...

...really ridiculous. I should just give you all my fabric and see what you come up with!

jojo said...

Thank you for making something so special for each one of us. We love you so much and are so proud of all your accomplishments.

Unknown said...

I so need one of the warmers right now! Shoveling the 4th snow storm in a few weeks! Great blog, LOVE your logo!


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