so much fun

it started with fri (that jeff and i could not quite get to because of travel time) and the orange balloon to make sure we could all find each other...
heather and andrew did a little dancing
heather and linds did some recycling (they heart the earth, obvi...)
andrew did some texting,
we ran into kate and jojo and they hung out with us for a few shows. so fantastic to see them!!! we gotta do it every year.
this was our balloon for sat (since the orange balloon popped on fri). it was just a trash bag (get it, white trash???!!?)
then the rain really started coming down and it pretty much poured the rest of the day. we even ate standing up, our food getting soaked, in our ponchos, as fast as we could. hilarious but so fun.
the mud was unreal!
our last show was ghostland observatory and they were awesome!! we had so much fun with everybody and can't wait for next year. thanks linds for letting us stay with you and for everything!!! love you guys so much.

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