the grandaddy of west texas fairs...

or so its called here in lubbock, tx...here are some random pics, not in any particular order, of our super fun trip to the fair with jeff's parents (who are sooooo wonderful).
it was so fun to see all the animals...
ben was kinda in shock and aves was scared of the bunny rabbits.
the llama loved posing for the camera and aves loved the goat.
jeff wore his fab shirt from lindsey (that she gave all the cousins for her christmas gift this year) that says "i love my cousins" and i think if you wear it to the county fair you send the wrong impression...(i am def NOT his cousin)

cotton candy was a huge hit!!
overall, it was so much fun. i wish we would have gotten more food ( i mean, fair food is the reason you go, right?) but other than that, it was perfect. cant wait til next year...even though we might be going to the granddaddy of EAST texas fairs then.

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