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Here's an update on what happened with the ellen tweet from yesterday. My mom was so great and got to the location on time, gave her dollar bill with "Ellen" on it and then waited in the crowded parking lot with lots of people hoping their ticket number would get called. My mom doesn't have a twitter nor know anything about it so I stayed on the phone with her and told her what the tweets were saying from Ellen. She didn't win but it was so fun thinking maybe she might! Me and Kristen just love Ellen so this was such a fun thing to be apart of even though it was through my mom on the phone! Thanks so much mom for doing this for me, it was so fun!
Here are some pics my mom took on her phone while she was there.

The dollar bill that she traded for a ticket
She was standing in a huge crowd of people and saw a familiar face...
Jeremy from the bachelorette!
10 tickets were called and those 10 people had to dress up. Top 5 winners from that got a chance to win a big prize!

Bob kept video taping me just in case my mom did win something cause he knew I would have been flipping out! There is no flipping out from winning on this video but there is a lot of excitement! Me and Kristen were on 3 way with my mom trying to live vicariously through her! We just love Ellen!


jojo said...

Girls that was so fun even though we didn't win. It was fun just seeing how excited you and Kristen got. I think you two should try out for a game show you would be the perfect contestant, or maybe the price is right. you have the perfect energy and excitment for that, thanks for including me, Love you JoJo

The Whitecotton's World said...

Allison, THAT was so much fun for me! You know I LOVE watching ELLEN too, but I am SO busy I don't get to. It will start back up when she does the 12 days of giveaways. She is such a giving person it just AMAZES me. I am sad you don't get to go see her. Hang in there, you will get your turn.

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