"where did it go?"

We ate dinner at Cracker Barrel tonight. Ella was very entertaining as we waited for the food to come. Every table at Cracker Barrel has this peg in the hole game so Ella was taking all the pegs out and hiding them in her shirt. She would put one down her shirt and then hold her arms up like "where did it go?" She did it with all the pegs and then moved on to the crayons. She was cracking us and the tables all around up! I thought that I had gotten them all out but when we were at home getting ready for bed I found a yellow peg in Ella's diaper! Oops...sorry Cracker Barrel! Here's a little video of our future shoplifter in action.

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The Whitecotton's World said...

Are you gonna make her return them and explain what happened?? My parents made my brother do that with a pack of gum, but he was a few years older, I am sure. Accidents happen! That is hilarious! You will have to put a better "hiding" shirt on her the next time you go.

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