everything's bigger in texas

so this huge fish has been in my guest room because my husband ordered it on a whim for his dad and surprisingly he did not want it (can you hear the sarcasm, its pretty loud over here).  so it stayed here.  and took up the whole room.  and almost killed people who walked by his fins.  i am SO glad he's moved to the garage.  jeff built him this nice wooden home and he will eventually move to the garage for-ev-er.  all of this is to make room for our new roomate brycie (thank you brycie!) more on her later.

and the next part is my sunflower that is now a beanstalk.  i dont know how or why it was able to grow and make it even though most of my other veggies and flowers did not.  but i am so excited about it.  grow flowers grow! 

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