happy birthday dignan!

My dog Dignan turns 2 today! If you are not a dog lover than you should probably stop reading now, this post is all about Dignan the dog.

About 2 years ago, me and Bob were going back and forth between what kind of dog we would get. Bob had always wanted a rhodesian ridgeback so thats what we finally decided we were going to get. Then one day on tv I saw an interview with Tiger Woods and his family. They showed his dog and I had never seen one like it before. I began some research and found out it was a labordoodle. That then lead me to goldendoodles and I was in love! Goldendoodles are a cross between golden retriever and poodle and they are just the cutest dogs I have ever seen. It took some major begging to make Bob change his mind from a short haired manly looking dog to a curly and fluffy stuffed animal looking one. Goldendoodles don't shed which was a big plus for Bob and his allergies. The thing that finally made Bob happy with us getting a goldendoodle was giving him full control of picking his name. This is why our dog has such a bizarre name! Bob's favorite movie is Bottle Rocket and Bob's fav actor Owen Wilson is in this movie. Owen's character plays a very goofy guy named "Dignan." Bob saw it as a perfect match. I now love the name and it fits him perfectly.
Dignan was born July 23, 2007. We got him from a fantastic breeder in Florida, mosscreekgoldendoodles. Dignan came on an airplane from Florida to DFW. My mom picked him up for me then her and my sister drove and met me half way in Abilene to deliver my new puppy. I was just a couple of months pregnant and Bob had just started his first year of med school. It all worked out so well because I loved having Dignan with me all day while Bob was gone and my motherly instincts got some good practice. I wouldn't go anywhere without Dignan, I even bought him a dog seat belt (so dorky!) Well over the months Dignan grew bigger and so did I. He grew out of his seat belt about as fast as I was growing out of my clothes.
Ella Reese soon joined our family and Dignan welcomed her so sweetly. He is the best dog with her and loves her so much. He has always been so gentle and she just adores him. Dignan and Ella are the best of friends and he has been such a huge part of her life. Dignan has been there as a supporting base for Ella as she learned to pull up on him, he is a cozy seat for her to sit on and watch tv, a great scrap cleaner for the food that she drops, a soft pillow for her to lay on, and just a fun buddy for her to always play with. Happy Birthday Digs, we love you so much!
Go here to see video of Dignan and Ella.


nataliee. said...

I have a female goldendoodle named Abby that turns 3 next week! They are just the best dogs!

Unknown said...

That last picture is priceless! I love it!

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