Ella's Ponytail Party!

Ella's hair is finally long enough for a ponytail! I have always said I would throw her a ponytail party when this day came, so thats exactly what we did. The party was a hit and everyone came in their best ponytails. We rented out the pool for the party and had such a wonderful time celebrating Ella's 1st ponytail!
Even if you didn't come in a ponytail, you still got your picture in one! I made this out of foam board and some fake hair.
Picnik collage
Watching some intense pool baseball with my ponytail twin.
Picnik collage

Happy 1st Ponytail Ella!


Shelbi and Preston Rampy said...

I love that last picture of the 2 of you! So precious!

katherinemarie said...

That is the most CREATIVE-CLEVER-FUN-BRILLIANT-PRECIOUS-SWEET party idea ever!!!!!!! Love all your details... the photo op board is so FANTASTIC!

Diana said...

Allison, what a lucky little Ella! You are creating the best memories for her and her friends!


the tichenor family said...

I know this post is old... but I am going back through all of your precious parties and AS IF I NEEDED ONE MORE REASON TO WANT A LITTLE GIRL... this just did me in! Please God, let a Ponytail Party be in my future!

Hair Romance said...

This is the cutest idea! I love it!

I was a bald baby and didn't really have any hair until I was two. I would have been about 4 for my ponytail party! If I ever have a little girl I would throw her a ponytail party.

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