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I am mom of the year.  Well, mom of a lifetime really.  I have heard that you are supposed to take your kids to the dentist when they are like 1 or 2 or at the latest, 3.  I procrastinated a little bit on that (we all know how I feel about the dentist) and wednesday was Avery's first time to go to the dentist  ands she is 5 and a half (and the twins first time, too, but they are kind of in the age bracket so I think they are ok).
Overall it was good...  
It started out bad because Ben would not even step on the scale, much less sit still while he got X-rays, so we had to forgo both of those for him.  He was literally kicking and screaming most of the time.  I had to call in back up.
Sass and Avery did great, though, and I think they loved it.
Everyone was so so kind at their dentist and I was just so overwhelmed with how patient they were; I wanted to run outside and leave my kids there.
They (and by they, I mean aves and sawyer) got x-rays first.
(I know, how boring is me walking you through my children's dentist appointment.  I should have started this post with an apology)

Then they got their teeth cleaned and got to wear these headphones to listen to the movie above them.  Too cool.  And get to wear fancy shades.
Sassy was super cool in hers.
Too cool, really.
And ben never even got to the shades or headphones portion of his visit...
Then the dentist came over and said sassy had these little cavities that were formed when her enamel formed and that it happened a long time ago (aka-not my fault.  thats really all I heard) and she has to come back to have them filled.  and have the gas.  That cracks me up!!! I can't wait to see her with the gas-she is gonna be nuts.
Doesn't she just crack you up in those glasses??! I can't get over it.
Ok. that is the end of this boring post.  Ill just apologize now.


Unknown said...

Taking three kids to the dentist is no small feat. Congrats to ya! You got 2 out of 3, and that ain't bad at all... I'm sure that Ben will have his own success in the future, when it comes to dental check-ups.

Ed Mcgoldrick

Melissa Rhyme said...

Entertaining kids is a good idea, diverting their phobia into fun experience and bond with parents. Looks effective.

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Allen Bates said...

Its' always fun to see kids having a wonderful time in the dental clinic. Thank you very much and have a nice day.
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Mr.Filbert. Hutchison said...

Thank you for sharing, I remember the first time I bough my kid to the dentist and it was sure an experience.
ron receveur

Djonni Smith said...

According to our Summerville cosmetic dentist, the fear of the dentist is a little tougher to remove especially in very young children. It takes patience (a lot of it) and careful distraction to gain the trust of your kid.

Mitch Mckinley said...

Kudos to you for being so patient! It's not easy to bring three kids to the dentist or any Marietta dentist clinic.

Brad G said...

Listening to your favorite music while having a dental check up can make you feel more relaxed. I had a dentist once who would play classical music.
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Lanielle Bernadette Smith said...

Your daughter is so brave! I'm glad you were able to handle these three kids effectively during their visit to the dentist. Most parents have a hard time convincing their child to see the dentist.

Plano sedation dentistry

Debra Mennins said...

Aww, your little man is just not used to a strange environement with a lot of unknown tools. I suggest that you get your hubby to go to the dentist and bring your little boy. He'll see that his dad is just fine with the Dentist and he won't be afraid anymore. dentist clinics Sydney City teeth whitening

Madeth said...

Your child is so brave! I remember the time when my kid reminded me of his schedule to the Marietta dentist. I felt proud then.

Valerie Phillips said...

She looks so cute. I'm glad she's not afraid of going to the dentist unlike other kids. Educating children at a young age about the importance of a good oral hygiene is the way to be.

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Unknown said...

Enjoyable description, that seems to be accessibly in addition to obviously designed, and not every dentist in walpole ma can write so!

Anonymous said...

Teaching proper brushing is also important. Instructing kids and checking if they are brushing correctly is essential to maintain a healthy smile.

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Unknown said...

It’s normal for kids like Ben to be scared about dental checkups. But you can do something to divert their anxiousness and make them feel comfortable. Try to give him a reward after the checkup. Or, tell him that her sister Sassy was not scared, and that he should be like her too. You can also entertain him with the things that make him happy. It will help a lot on your next dental visit.

>Nannie Livingstone

Dr. Gerald Regni said...

I’m really glad to know that, these days, dental offices provide toys and other little distractions for kid patients. I think it’s a great way to allay the fears of kids about dentists. Look at how your kids seem to be enjoying the appointment, even the youngest! :D -->Jamar Schaffer

Richard C. Lambert said...

Next month I’ll be doing a full update on her and how we've been adjusting for anyone who's interested. dental appointment

Unknown said...

I like the methods they using to handle kids dentistry, Best of luck and thanks for the post. It's inspirational as everyone said every individual is different but you prove it.

Unknown said...

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