Popcorn Stuffed Turkey

We had our Thanksgiving playdate with my resident spouses today and it was so much fun. 
I made my first turkey!
I had seen this last year and again this year on pinterest and decided to tackle it.  It is super easy and so much fun.  And I used popcorn that I popped right before and it barely left any grease stains at all.
I also loved lindsays pilgrim hat so much and kind of copied her but did it the really really lazy way.
I used reeses peanut butter cups instead of marshmallows and twix bars as the little square thing on the hat so I didn't have to color icing and pipe it.  Linds were wayyyyyy better than mine (and did you see her turkey shirts?? They are so cute!!! and her kids are just the cutest ever.  kills me.  I can't get over the pics of ty!) but they were still a hit!
We are trying to figure out our shirt situation still.  We have done a few different ones in the past few years and we want to do something different so we will see.  Keep you posted.

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