teaching my kids to conquer mountains

one load at a time. 
Laundry is my weak spot. (obviously) It's the putting clothes away part that I just dread, which makes me not even want to start the washing process knowing what is coming. When Bob and I first got married he soon began to realize my hate for laundry. I wanted to love it and be the wife that stayed on top of the wash but I'm just not. Sweet Bob has been so patient with me through this ever going learning process and has even gotten creative with ways to help me. It's a pretty funny story actually. 
During our first year of marriage I was still taking classes so I had a lot of free time during the days. In my free time I would just sit on the coach with the computer in my lap for hours. I was still recovering from my accident at this time but still no excuse to not get off my lazy bum and do the laundry. One day I woke up and of course went straight for the computer but could not find the laptop anywhere. When Bob got home from work that evening I asked him if he knew where the computer was. He just grinned and asked me if I had done any laundry that day. Well of course not Bob! I spent the day looking for the computer. He then walked me over to the laundry basket and lifted up some clothes. There it was! He hid the laptop in the laundry basket in hopes that I would do some wash if I didn't have the computer to play on. I love my husband. 
Well the laundry might not be done yet but my Granny's chairs finally are! 
Picnik collage
After months of sanding, priming, painting. sanding, and glazing I am so happy to be done. I found this grey fabric at Hancocks and used a staple gun and a little help from Ella to recover the cushions. I love how they turned out.
Our neighbor was having a garage sale this afternoon so I walked over to check it out. I saw this cute little chair/ottoman thing for 5 dollars and thought the girls might like it. It had some tears in the fabric so I busted out my staple gun and ikea fabric. 
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
The girls did love it and enjoyed some sour straws on their new chair.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Miranda said...

haha, i totally love the ottoman! its super duper cute!! oh, and i feel you about not wanting to put laundry away. i had to start a chore chart so that laundry is done every tuesday. any other day, i'm free of it!!

lins said...

allison! it's such a relief that i'm not the only one that hates laundry that much! i can't tell you how many times i have run to target to buy a pack of hanes underwear because all mine were dirty... (sad, i know) i also regularly have to re-wash things that i never wore. they just sat on the floor so long after i washed them that they got dirty again.... the first step is admitting it.

the chairs look fantastic and i love that fabric on the ottoman! xoxo

Michelle said...

the chairs look great! i want to redo mine, but i know how much work is involved. way to go!

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