Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree

I am pretty sure that is probably the exact same post title I used last year.  Sigh.  Im so creative.  Out of the box, really.
(Actually I just looked and it wasn't the same! Yea! I am such an out of the box thinker!)
SO, anyway, we got our tree!! We cut it down just like last year, so, really this is just like reading last years post exactly.
You're welcome.
We went to the same tree farm and picked out one that we could agree on the most with the least amount of crying.
blue steel.
ben was super excited.
and then he got to hold the saw!  life can not get better.
but, wait for it-
there were animals.  best. day. ever.
He loved mr. flops.
He did not love the cat, though.  It kept wanting to come up and be petted and loved on and ben was so scared! hahahh!
back to the tree,
We cut it down, drug it inside and scrounged around for the christmas stuff that we seem to have hidden from ourselves and decorated it.
While listening to amy grant christmas.
Best start to the holidays.
and I finished Jennfer's stockings!
I know y'all have been on the edge of your seat for these.
She wanted pink and red and cream for sweet Isla Grace and gray, pink and red for her.  Joe got dark gray and light gray, green and then I added a small stripe of cream in everyone's just to tie it all together.
And then we made one for her dog, abby and I used all the colors for hers.
They turned out kind of huge and luckily Jennifer has been a great sport about that! I don't know why I make everything so BIG?
oh well, they can hold a lot of stuff.  At the very least they are efficient.
Thanks Jennifer for letting me do the stockings.  I loved being apart of your christmas and I hope they are just what you wanted! (Even though abby's looks a little like an upside down you-know-what...)
And my sweet resident friends just opened a little etsy shop with some of their cute knitted and crocheted goodies.  It is called Knot on a Whim- how cute is that??? Go check them out and grab a cute elf hat while you are there.


BrookeD said...

I love Sassy's 'blue steel'!! ;)
And I love that tree!!! Can't wait to see it in real life :)

hernandezjr said...

the kiddo's look so cute!!

Lifethrualinds said...

Love the stockings...great color choices. Also, Ben looks like the happiest kid alive in those pics. So cute!

jennifer said...

best stockings EVER!!! i seriously cannot wait to hang them up! thank you so much kris, they are perfect!

Unknown said...

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