good friends and good treats

Lindsay's husband Ben went hunting last weekend and my house just so happened to be on the way so it made perfect sense for him to drop her and the kids off at our house! It made for a best weekend and we loved having them here! Ella and Kinley had so much fun playing together and baby Ty was absolutely perfect. 
Picnik collage
They always ended up in the bathroom for some reason, they would sit in a circle and pass out post-it notes. 
Later in the night we noticed something in Kinley's hair and when we asked her what it was, Ella told us it was ok cause it was just soap. 
Kinley was SO sweet with McKenna. Every time she would hug her she would close her eyes and smile so sweet. It cracked me up!
When Kristen made the smore bars last week I had to give them a try too. Well they are amazing! I made them three different times last weekend. The first batch Lindsay and I pretty much finished off on our own. Then I made some for our small group at church and another batch for a bake sale. They really are so good! You can find the recipe here.
For the bake sale I printed off this cute Thanksgiving printable and stapled it around a ziploc bag.
 I also made one of my all time favorite treats for the bake sale. Mini caramel apples! It had been a while since I made these and I forgot how fun and yummy they are. I saw this idea a couple years ago as I was planning for Ella's tiny 2 party.
You start by scooping out apple pieces with a melon scooper. Granny Smith apples seem to work best. I then take a lollipop stick (bought at Michaels) and cut it in half then stick it in the apple pieces. Take a paper towel and squeeze any extra juices out of the mini apple pieces. This helps the chocolate stick better.
Then dip each one in chocolate. You are going to put the chocolate covered apples in the fridge to hardened so you want your wax paper on a cookie sheet so it will be easy to move to fridge. Something I forgot this time.
After the chocolate has hardened (about 10 minutes) it's time to drizzle on the chocolate. The reason the apples aren't dipped in caramel first is because it wouldn't stick since there is no apple skin for it to stick to.
I printed off some labels for the apples and put them in these little plastic bags I found at Michaels. 
I made these the night before the bake sale and left them in the fridge over night. They are one of Bob's favorite things in life so I knew he would be tempted when he opened the fridge in the morning. I made sure to leave him one.


BrookeD said...

How fun!! Those apples pops look delish :) I'm going to have to try it!

jennifer said...

first of all... yum!! i want those caramel apples now! second... i'm so jealous of mckenna's beautiful hair!! and third... isla needs that black and white striped hoodie, it's precious!

Lifethrualinds said...

So. Much. Fun. Seriously a blast! Thanks for letting us crash. Kinley has talked about Ella non-stop. Also, I am making my own batch of smores bars tomorrow. And, I made kris' snickerdoodles tonight. Y'all are NOT helping me lose the baby weight.

Misty said...

ok we have almost the same bathroom from what i can tell... well our downstairs bathroom anyway- i am seriously posting a pic... same wall, carpet, shower curtain and hamper! no joke!

and tell me that is not kenna sitting there like a BIG girl in the bathroom floor!?! Masyn, AK & I have some serious hair envy! I can't get over how gorgeous you and your girls hair is! kenna is over 1/2 way to a ponytail party & my masyn is just a little passed bald! ha ha :)

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