Chevron Scarf

So, my beautiful friend kate, of kate mccoy photography fame, asked if I could make her a chevron scarf...I really did not ask her near enough details about how long or wide or colors she wanted...hmmm...sorry kate.  I sent her examples along the way (which you guys are lucky enough to get the pleasure of viewing in this post.  you're welcome) and she said she loved it so hopefully its exactly what you want kate!
This is what it ended up as.
It began like this
The cream is too yellow and then my friends said the gray looked purple.
So I scrapped it and started the next one
chevron scarf
Then I was up in the air on if it should have pointy edges because I wanted the edges to be gray (so that the scarf was mostly gray.  I don't know why, I just though that the mostly gray was more kate).
kates scarf on me 2
Its scary that this pic is out there on the world wide web but here it is with pointy edges.  Kind of weird.
kates scarf on me
So I just kept the edges gray and just added some random edging.  (this pic is also scary for so many reasons...no make up and look at how clean I am! Hahaha, I know y'all all want to know my secrets...ok, its letting your kids run their greasy and muddy hands all over the mirror and then forget to ever wash it off for weeks.  You don't have to follow this formula exactly.  Its pretty lenient)
Kate! Thanks for the awesome idea!! I hope you love it and I will make you another one if you want you decide you don't love this one.  It is finally on the way to your house with your super late wedding present...
kates scarf vintage

1 comment:

Ashley@The Vanilla Tulip said...

Love the scarf and had to laugh because I posted a picture a few weeks ago with a majorly smudgy/finger printy mirror:)
Glad I'm not the only one :)

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