friends, tables and chairs...oh my!

Nothing too exciting to blog about, just some random happenings and what not. 
Bob used some of his vacation time at the end of October and took a week off. It was wonderful! We didn't go on vacation anywhere, we just stayed home and loved every minute of having Bob here with us. By the end of the first day Bob had told me more than once that I had too many projects. So true but I think I like it that way. Some days I do wish I had hours and hours of uninterrupted craft time so I could actually finish one, but don't we all...
I don't think I actually finished any of my ongoing projects while Bob had the week off but we did get a couple things accomplished. The table we had been using in our kitchen was way too big for the area and it drove me kinda crazy. Bob told me to start looking on Craigs list for something smaller and I stumbled upon this little table and four chairs that sounded like the perfect size. Bob went out to make the deal and bring it home. You can never really tell what you are gonna get from a craigs list picture...
Turns out the top of the table was not really wood. It was like the tables that used to be in my school cafeterias, rubber molding around the edges and all. So, I decided to paint the top white to match the chairs and legs. But of course the whites didn't match...
So then I thought WWKD (what would kristen do) and I busted out the chalk board paint! I love the way it turned out and Ella loves getting to color all over her kitchen table.
How small is this table?! We cracked up when we saw just how tiny it was but it is so great to be able to walk around in the kitchen now. It teaches good manners too, when we all eat dinner it's elbows down or else you bump elbows with your neighbor. 
Here is a pic of our old table that was too big. I guess I should have started with this pic, I'm kinda going backwards. Anyways, the highchair we had been using for Kenna attached to the table because we didn't have any room for the standing one.
With the big table gone, we brought back in the wooden highchair we had used with Ella. Speaking of projects that never get finished, this highchair should top the list. I originally bought it in raw wood when I was pregnant with Ella. We have these orange and pink striped bar stools that I wanted to match the high chair to so I hauled one of the huge bar stools to a paint store when I was prego with Ella to get the paints matched. The highchair stayed raw wood until Ella was almost one, and by then I had only gotten the orange color painted on it. I never got around to the pink stripes and now those cute bar stools are in our attic at this house because there is no room for them. I guess the moral of that story is that Bob is right, I have too many projects. 
Of course the second Bob brought the highchair in the house I had the immediate urge to finish this 4 year project and add the pink stripes. Only to find out that we left the pink paint in our old house in lubbock... So I mixed up about 10 different paint colors I had for screen printing and taped off a few stripes on the top of highchair. 
Then I ran an electric sander over it. I think I can say I'm finally done with this project.
Other things that happen when dad doesn't have work is lots of fun outside time and super cool tea parties.
Tea party fort designed by dad himself.
 In other exciting news, we had some VERY fun visitors come stay with us this weekend! Jordan, Brittany and Cooper!
I didn't get very many pictures (brittany has some very cute ones on her camera that I will have to share later) but it was just the best weekend. We cracked up at McKenna constantly attacking Cooper with kisses and Ella couldn't get enough of Jordan and Brittany.
I bought these chalk markers from Hobby Lobby that Brittany and Ella had fun with.
A little tip if you ever use these chalk markers is that they don't completely come off like normal chalk does. I had to use the magic eraser (my go to for many things) to clean the table, but it all wiped off very fast with it.
I hope everyone had a great weekend too!


Lisa Riley said...

Oh, man, do I wish you lived near Houston! I have that same dining table as your old one (C&B!) and we actually NEED two chairs! Currently I have 2 from Target that don't quite match... Oh, well. Love the chalkboard paint on the new one, and am glad you talked about how to clean it - I'm always wondering about that!

the tichenor family said...

Okay, you are SO FUN! We have almost the EXACT same kitchen chairs-- I found them at Goodwill for $3 each and we already had chairs?! I love them though. THe chalkboard top is so fun... I will probably have to paint something in my house tomorrow because I am overcome by chalkboard-coveting between you and Kristen!! :)

And CAN I PLEASE SAY that your highchair is too fabulous for words?! If you EVER decide to get rid of it, I will drive to your front door in a heartbeat for it. I'm in love.

Have a fabulous week!! So glad you guys got some quality family time. What a blessing!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tip about the Magic Eraser! My mom bought those markers to use on her chalkboard and couldn't get them to come off either! I'll have to let her know!

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