Mini Grad and a little fishing trip

I am such a sap.  Bob graduate for real from medical school and is officially Dr. Booth this weekend (yea!!!!) and we are so sad we couldnt be there and so so excited for him! (more on that later, I am sure).  Well, Avery also graduated.  From Preschool.  You would have thought it was high school graduation and she was about to get in her car to move to boston (or wherever she wants to go to school :)) the way I was crying. 
She was so cute, though and so proud of her diploma.
Super excited for kindergarten but I just cant believe it has come so soon.
After school and soccer practice we found a park, a pond and a fishing pole with a worm on it.  I think Ben thought the rapture had come and he was in heaven.
But he was so scared to actually hold the fish! He wanted to and was so in love with the fish, but he would freak out at the last second.
But when it was time to leave Ben FREAKED out.  He kept crying because he just wanted to be with the fish. It was hilarious.
On friday we had a laid back day and Saturday we got to go to Jan and Bob's and I got to go to Jimmy Buffet with my brothers and their friends for shannon's birthday party.  It was amazing. I love a concert and love me some jimmy buffet.  We got our fins up and danced the whole time.
On sunday I drug everyone to Ikea (loved it.) and got the duvets that I have been thinking about.  Avery picked one out, too that is so u-g-l-y but, she was so excited about it.  I  will show yall when their beds are made...
Hope you guys have a great monday! I am working on my blanket so hopefully there will be a finished product soon for me to show yall.
and we have a little summer sesh that we are excited about coming soon...


Lifethrualinds said...

Love, love, love your little graduate and the impromptu fishing trip! So much fun! Love yall!

Kate said...

I love that you bought an ugly duvet for Avery...and I'm a little sad they couldn't get her name spelled right..hello, there are only 10 kids in her class! :)

Heather said...

i love avery's shirt!! :) yall are so cute

Natalie said...

Congrats Avery!! What a precious family! We need to take Luke fishing!

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