Twin Room Mini Redo

I have been wanting to repaint the babies furniture for a while now and I dont know what happened to me this week, but I got on a roll.  ok.  I know what came over me, style files.  Guys, this site is so stinkin cute I could not get over it.  It made me want to curl up in a ball on every sofa and every bedroom they showed.  Ohmygosh I cant stop looking at it.
Channeling style files, I repainted my white table, my laundry room doors and both the babies dressers.  I got away with using the sample jar of paint on both of them, even though they probably need a second coat...oh well.  And I finally put on the new drawer knobs even though now I realize that I just got 8 instead of 12...I am really a genius. 
Then I finally got around to hanging the sarah jane prints that I bought awhile ago.
And of course I could not think to put the S in front of the B so it didnt look like their initials were cussing.  Oh well.
The gray is kind of dark, but I got used to it pretty fast.  Pay no attention to the green that is showing through it.
And we found a place to hang their backpacks so that they can reach them.
And we got a rug.  It is kind of like the room is livable now.  I can actually look in that room and not want to immediately walk out.  So, I am not quite ready for style files to post my room, but at least we are headed into a better direction...


Kristin Alexander said...

What lucky kids. I am 22 and would love to have a room decorated like this!

My mom has her father's cattle brand on a piece of wood in our house that also has the letters "BS" on it. It always makes people giggle :)

Brittany Strebeck said...

so cute kristen!! you've got talent, my friend. and don't worry, i know all about the BS initials :)

jennifer said...

the room looks great!i love the stuffed animals on the wall! now i want to see the table and doors!

lins said...

i love it!!! once again- it looks perfect! find a weekend to pencil in a lindsey this summer... or a weekday- i'm flexible. :)

Leslie said...

You did a great job!! I am so bad at putting different things together on a wall and you nailed it. Wish I could see it in person!!!

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