man challenge 2011

  Jordan was on a mission to smoke the best brisket and that he did. He researched and watched many youtube videos on how to cook the perfect brisket. Friday night they prepped the brisket and he and Bob woke up at 6am Saturday morning to begin the 14 hour cooking process. Dedication for sure. 
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It was well worth it! It really was the most tender brisket and even my picky eater Ella Reese loved it. Way to go boys!

Bob took a little brisket cooking break during the afternoon to take part in a little contest. The fantastic store Mountain Hideaway hosted a tent pitching contest on Saturday from 2-4. How fun is that?! Bob and Shea formed a tent pitching team and called themselves TEAM BOSHEA. The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear this is of course that I need to make matching t-shirts! Duh.
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Carrie came up with (or saw on a shirt before) the fabulous wording for the back of the boys shirts. My screen printing supplies are already boxed away so I made these with my silhouette. I think they turned out great!
Each team had to pitch a tent and whoever did it in the fastest time won a tent. 
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The time to beat was 45.3 seconds. TEAM BOSHEA did it in 45.9 seconds! SO close. 
It was so fun to watch and cheer them on. Maybe next year Molly and Ella can give it a shot.


Alyson Booth said...

Yall are TOO fun...tent pitching, BBQing, anniversary, goodbye parties and all in one weekend with roomies...TOO TOO fun! can't wait to live closer to the lives of the party!!!!

jojo said...

Looks like these two dads are going to have some daughter campers. So much fun!!

Josh, Erica, Garrett, and Haylee said...

So do you make all your t-shirts with the stuff you print off the computer and then iron on? All your shirts are SUPER cute and I want to make some for my sisters upcoming wedding events!! Thanks!!

Camila said...

This post made me laugh out loud. Do you remember that show Just the 10 of Us? I am older than you so it might be before your time.

Anyway there was this one episode where they all went camping and the dad who was a coach made this cheesy joke about how his family loved camping because it is "in tents fun." And that has been my cheesy go-to joke since like 1989. Love that you made a shirt with that catch phrase on it!

Good luck packing up! I know it is a challenge with 2 little ones!

Lifethrualinds said...

Love the shirts! So cute...i mean manly. This looks like it has been the most fun week ever! I can't believe it all! Can't wait to have yall closer. Have fun!

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