1st Day of School!

I can't believe summer is over! I also can't believe I haven't blogged any of our fun summer yet. It's in the works.
Ella and McKenna started school on Wednesday. It went great and I am so excited for this year. I think it will be one of my favorite years. McKenna is old enough to start Pre-K at Ella's school so they are both there together. Not only in the same school but just a door down from each other. It's a dream. McKenna is in the Pre-K 3's class and Ella is in Kindergarten. She is repeating this year and I can already tell it was the best decision for her. She is more confident and loves school so much. I am so excited for her to shine and step up to be a leader this year.
McKenna has done so awesome too. That kid was made for school. She pops out of bed the second her alarm goes off and comes in to make sure I am awake. (9 times out of 10, I'm still in bed snoozing my alarm) She gets herself dressed, brushes her hair and is ready to go. She is such a joy and makes early mornings so much better. McKenna goes for half days for most of the week but stays late a couple days. I sure do miss not having her around on the long days but I sure do love walking in the school and picking them both up together. McKenna gets 3 Skittles from her teacher when school is over. So far every time I have picked her up she opens her hand to show me that she saved one Skittle for Ella. Is that the sweetest thing or what?!
Bob (who now has no hair, more on that funny story later) started a back to school tradition last year with the girls. The night before the first day, he takes them to get their nails done and then to eat breakfast for dinner at Cracker Barrel. The best part about it is that he actually gets his nails done too. The girls love it and tried to talk him into zebra print on his toes. (don't worry, he said no)
For the first day, I fixed everyones favorites for breakfast. Banana pancakes with chocolate chips for Ella and cinnamon waffles for McKenna. 
We loaded up with teacher treats and headed to school. I made the caramel apple dip for their teachers, a candy jar for McKenna's sweet preschool director and some special stickers for the school secretary. 
Mrs. Brooks has somehow become the tooth puller at school. Everyone knows that if you have a loose tooth, you go to Mrs. Brooks to pull it. It's pretty funny. Ella can't wait for Mrs. Brooks to pull her next tooth. I figured that when you go to the doctor you get a sticker so it should be the same with the tooth puller. If you get your tooth pulled by Mrs. Brooks, you get a sticker to wear. 
I ordered the girls backpacks from Justice and they love them so much. As if the ginormous initial wasn't enough to tell the backpacks apart, I made them a little picture locket to put on the zipper. I saw this idea on little blue boo's blog and loved it. I bought the locket at Micheals. It was made of glass which I didn't love. I knew they would throw their backpack down somewhere and glass would shatter so I popped the glass pieces out and just laminated the pictures with packing tape. I put an individual picture of them on one side and a sister pic on the other. Then I wrote their name and a little message on the inside. I didn't tell the girls I did this so they were so surprised when they saw them.
PicMonkey Collag2e
PicMonkey Collag1e 
I'm sad that summer has come to an end but excited to jump into a schedule and looking forward to all the fun school stuff. 

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