8 months

8 months
Happy 8 months Shea Shea!
You are so big.  How has 2/3 of a year already gone by?!
You took your first over seas trip to the Caymans this month and you were a rock star.  You loved the beach and loved the pool and took great naps- you were made for vacation.
You also had your first few nights away from us with Minnie and Jake and you did so good!  I mean, they tell me you did and I guess what else are they going to say, but I am going to believe them.  You have shown your skills at adaptability and I just am so proud.  Of course I barely made it through and could not get home fast enough to see you, but at least you were a champ.
You started crawling this month and you dont really love it.  You are particular about where you want to actually crawl and how it feels on your knees.  And you know I am going to pick you up.  So you pretty much just wait for a chariot of some kind to take you where you want to go.  Luckily we dont mind.  You are still the best eater and have actually slept through the night a few times now!!! What?! It is so exciting and hopefully you are getting the hang of that sleeping stuff.
Love you shea bean, so so much.

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