Avery got her ears pierced!

This kid got her ears pierced!!
at claiiiiiiirrrres!! (said in my best oprah voice because she was soo excited to go to claires.  She looked it up online, got on the website and made us all watch the video of how to care for ears. Then, she watched it like 10 times.  I love her.)
(and they both got fake glasses.  Flasses, I like to call them.  I have some too and we pretend we need them.  and sass full on wears hers to school like everyday.  I love her.)
I dont know why I was so hesitant to let avery get her ears pierced.  Why do I even care?  I mean, all it means is that she can now put earrings in.  I am glad that she waited until she could take care of her ears, because we all know I would forget to do it and she seems to be very on it.  I say seems to be, because I honestly have no idea how often she cleans them at all. I do wish there was a little more pizzazz to whole thing, though.  I mean, it was good.  And no offense to the girl who was the only worker there and did not wear her sunday best with her fake glasses to pierce my daughters ears, or have fantastic music playing afterwards like I would do if I were claires.  I get it.  They have tons to do and, like the website says, they pierce the most ears in America.  So, they are busy.  And I guess the big prize is the holes in the ears.
Anyway, so aves is now hoop ready! Or, you know, in 6 weeks.  Here's to a new grown up chapter.  I mean, she looks so much more grown up already! What am I going to do when she has chandelier ones that get caught in everything and shea pulls on them because she doesn't even know what they are bc her mom never wears jewelry?  Don't answer that.  Cross that bridge when we get there.
Happy New Ears Aves!

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Misty said...

My 1st job was Chuck E Cheese but it was too far from my house for my fam to take me & pick me up every single day, so I had to find a different one & it was CLAIRES!!!!!! I pierced a handful of ears & really didn't know what I was doing. I made some girl bleed once & pierced her ear totally crooked. I probably should've been trained a little more now that I think about it….. but it was a FUN job! This took me right back to my ole glory days! I finally saved enough for a car & got a different job lol

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