bread and pudding

i also did a little baking and a lot of eating.  recently, my sister in law, who i just love, made this fantastic banana pudding that i could not get enough of (and i do not even like banana pudding or bananas for that matter).  i completely forgot about it until, like most nights, i stayed up stalking baking blogs (bakeorbreak.com was this particular night) and i saw the banana pudding and saw that it was paula deen's recipe.  my love for it came back in full force and i had to make it asap, even though there is really no one to share it with (jeff is pretty healthy these days). 
also, jeff and i have become very obsessed with our breadmaker that my bfs (al and linds) gave me for my fav day of the year (my bday) and we make bread all the time.  the pesto bread is jeff's fav so we made it also this weekend too.  

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