Play Day!

The babies hadn't been all together for a couple of weeks now because everyone took their turn of getting sick.  So when Ben and Sawyer came over to play today Ella was so very excited!  She loves getting to see her friends.  
Last week me and Ella turned a box into her play house and it has since then been her favorite thing these days.  Today was the first time she got to show her friends her new house.  Sawyer admired it from a distance and Ben did just the opposite!  It was hilarious!  He crawled in and showed Ella what being a boy was all about.  Instead of sitting in the house and eating goldfish and playing with baby dolls, Ben went full demolition on the house.  Within the first 5 seconds he had the house turned over, picture ripped off the wall and in mouth!  Ella loved the new game and I even caught her giving Ben some kisses in her new remodeled house!  The video below shows Ben and Ella.
Another thing on the video is all the kids first reaction to the new safety gates we added to our house.  We have two steps and some weird post things that have a drop off so since we have some fast crawlers we had to baby proof some things.  It might not be the best look for our house but safety first!

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