I knitted a sweater

 And it fits!!
I know.

I couldn't believe it either.  And I am clearly very excited about it.  
I restarted it like four times and just could not decide what I wanted it to look like.
But then I was like, to hell with over thinking this- I am just going to try.  And practice.  And if I hate it, I will take it out, but I cant learn if I dont practice.
And then I found this blog and i have been inhaling it.  I love what she says about everything- kids crafting, what we buy, why we make, practice and talent and breaking rules and all of that stuff.
SO anyway, I used this pattern, mostly.  I didnt do the pockets and my yarn is thinner so its light weight and easy to wear in texas.  And i just love it guys.  I love it.  I want to make so many more and I hope I do. 


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