Baby Olivia's Homemade madness

So, my friend Meg just had a baby and I wanted to make her something like Allison did for Brittany that she could hang on her hospital door.
Forgot to leave room for her name. Bummer.
Luckily for me, I also had another idea that I had also been working on at the same time....I am such a back up planner!  (Hahahhahah! ok.  I am NOT a back up or anything kind of planner.  But this time I did.  yea for this time.)
Corkboard instead of canvas so she can use push pins and stuff to write and leave Olivia's hospital bracelet or first pair of gloves or whatever on the board and write whatever she wants on the chalkboard part.
I painted her name on it and am definitely still up in the air on the correctness of this decision, but, hey, its on there.  My painting skills leave a lot to be desired.
And I made her a couple of hats and a headband.
Yea for baby Olivia. She was so tiny and gorgeous, yall.  I just loved getting to see her so brand new.  So excited about baby Ty!!!


the tichenor family said...

that crocheted bow gives me a lump in my throat. sweetest thing ever. if i have a daughter... {I'd be a millionaire if I had a $1 for every time I started a sentence that way...} I am SO ordering her some sweet homemade hats with bows from you! love them. you're such a thoughtful friend.

Unknown said...

Love the hats! Well done!

Lisa said...

I love it!!!!

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