Happy Father's Day~

I don't have any intention of making this a big deal, but Jeff got home this morning after no sleep and then had to share his cereal with everyone close by.  Thanks for being such a great dad Jeff.  And for being such a good sharer.
At least you got a bite every once in a while :)
Picnik collage
and right before I went to bed I saw this cool printable and since Jeff LOVES milk and cookies I printed it out and just made a little father's day quick project.
Picnik collage
I put oreos inside and punched a hole so you can see them (which you can not see, but you get the idea).
Picnik collage
Hope you guys have a great father's day.  And for all of you guys who want to be dads but have not had the opportunity due to infertility or any other difficulty, or if you have lost your dad and this day is difficult, just want you to know that we are thinking and praying for you too.  We know today is not always one of celebration and often is one of sadness.
I am so thankful, also, to have a Heavenly Father who is my everything.  Who is truly the greatest gift of love and life.  I feel, sometimes, that I dont want to sound a certain way or say something that could be misunderstood and then I miss my chance to say it at all; This father's day is one that I am reminded, again, of how amazing God is, and what an amazing Father He is to me.  How He leads and guides and blesses us, even though I am so unworthy. I am so thankful for His love, for the life that I will have forever with Him and how gracious He has been with His own Son.  How incredible to give up your Son for us.  Thank you, God, so much.
Happy Father's Day.

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Anonymous said...

I love you Kristen. You are simply the coolest girl ever.
much love and big hug. Dee

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