gotta love grandparents!

A few months ago I spotted this lunch box online and fell in love! I wanted it so bad for Ella. My husband Bob's motto for most things in life is "if it's not broke, don't fix it" so I knew there was no way he was going to let me order a new lunch box for Ella when she already had a perfectly good one. Way to be reasonable Bob but I think there should be a little wiggle room in that motto for updating things:) 
Lucky for me Easter came around and my mom asked what she should get Ella. The lunch box! It was perfect and once my mom saw it she fell in love too! 
She ordered it from here. You design the face to resemble your child and you pick out all the colors you want. Ella was the lightest skin color of course, blue eyes, blonde hair and two braids. It turned out so cute and she just loves it! It came with three containers for food and an ice pack that fits over everything. The lid just snaps on. Ella started a summer camp this week and was so excited about her new lunch box!

I have had so much fun putting together the girls rooms but once again Bob's motto holds me back a little. His wonderful mom must have known so she gave me a little extra spending money for McKenna's room and I was beyond thrilled! Some prints that I ordered for Kenna's wall just came in the mail today and I love them!
I ordered them from here. I can't wait to get them in some frames and on the wall. I will show you guys pictures of their finished rooms soon.
And a BIG thank you to my mom and Dawn! 

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the tichenor family said...

LOVE the lunchbox, love the prints!! Great finds mama. And, grandparents are THE best-- always fun to get little *extras* from them.

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