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The last few weekends for me have been so fun (and kid free!) as I celebrated my dear friend Morgan! There was a couples shower and bachelorette party all leading up to this last weekend when she got married!
I met Morgan in college at ACU and we lived together in a house with 6 (sometimes 7) girls. You can only imagine some of the stories we have. She is one of the most honest, loyal, strong and genuine friends I know. I love her so much and am so so happy for her and Thomas. They are perfect for each other.
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A few weekends ago we went to a couples shower for Thomas and Morgan. It was like a little mini ACU reunion and so fun catching up with everyone.
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The following day all the girls started the morning off with brunch at this fabulous place called Oddfellows in dallas. Then we headed over to Hotel ZaZa to lay out by the pool all day. Everyone ate dinner at the hotel that night and then partied it up at RIO. Bob and I had an event to get back for so I had to leave before dinner. I was so sad to miss the late night fun but I heard everyone had a blast. 

Now lets talk wedding. 
Morgan is truly one of the coolest and creative girls I know and I could not wait to see what she had planned for her wedding. I just knew it was going to be fabulous! 
Months before the wedding Morgan asked me to help her out with something for the wedding. The venue that the wedding was at didn't have a traditional wedding area. She was having the guests stand at the ceremony so she wanted a rope for the guests to hold on each side to make the aisle. The "hippie rope" is what we called it. She gave me a bunch of vintage fabric pieces and 140 feet of rope that came from Lowes. Two 50 ft. pieces for the aisle and two 20 ft. pieces to block off seating for family. I cut out a lot of 10 inch triangles, cut two holes in the top of each one and thread the rope through each one. I put a little dab of hot glue on each triangle to hold them in place on the rope and to keep the burlap from unraveling.
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I wish I had better pics of it at the wedding, but you get the idea. It really was so cool! She even had a small piece of rope that the flower girls held as they walked down the aisle. It was perfect!
Instead of wedding programs she had two big chalk boards hanging on the wall with the wedding ceremony details.
What a beautiful bride!
She had a fantastic vintage bike to put all the presents on.
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The reception area was beautiful. She hung ferns and chandeliers from the ceiling. Tables were covered in different fabrics and hay stacks had cushions on them or seating.  I wish I had pictures of everything. It really was amazing and so Morgan.
The reception was SO much fun! I love a wedding dance party! They passed out glow sticks to everyone when the dance party started, such a great idea.
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Bob on a dance floor might be one of my favorite things. He is never afraid to bust a move and his moves are hilarious. It will never get old for me. I love it!
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Around midnight they handed out breakfast burritos on the dance floor! How fun is that! Everyone ate while still dancing, it was so fun! And as a wedding favor everyone took home a jar of Thomas's homemade salsa. It is delicious!
Congrats Thomas and Morgan! Love you guys so much!

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