Summer Essentials with Lindsay from Life Thru a Linds

Today's guest poster is our best friend Lindsay from Life Thru A Linds.  She has been our best friend through elementary, middle, high school, college and now its so fun to know Kinley and see what an incredible mom she is.  She is the most loyal, by your side friend you will ever have, and the most loving and fun mom and friend.  She is always ready and supportive for whatever crazy things we cook up.  Thank you so much Linds for taking time to guest post over here.  We love you SO MUCH!

Hi LL readers! I am thrilled to be guest-posting during Kristen and Allison's Summer Essentials series. I am loving it so far and I can't wait to see who all guest posts and what is to come! I have known both these girls for a VERY long time and I am so excited that many of you have come to love them like I do!
Who am I?
I am a wife to my high school sweetheart and a mom to a 2 year old baby girl and a preggo with a baby boy on the way. I am a blogger and an avid blog reader and love learning new skills and crafts and following life stories of other sweet families out there in the blog world. So, what summer essentials to I feel are super necessary to share!?...well,
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This is my first time pregnant during the summer and if you are right there with me, or know someone who is...this blogpost is for you! Here are a few things you NEED this summer if you are a preggo like me!
An All-Occasion Summer Dress
Every girl wants to shop for a great summer dress and if you are pregnant you probably prefer one that will grow with you and that you can wear to different types of occasions. I personally like to buy dresses that aren't really maternity but are normal dresses I can I buy in a bigger size. I feel so fortunate right now that there are so many flowy options out there! I got this Matty M dress at Nordstrom Rack for way cheaper than it is at Dillards but, I just love it! I can wear it to work with a cardigan, to church, to an outdoor wedding or graduation, or just to dinner. (And is it just me or does this model look like Kim Kardashian???)
Screen shot 2011-06-16 at 11.21.57 PM
A Good Tankini
I am all for baring the belly during the summer when you are pregnant. I mean they say if you can't tone it...tan it, right!? That is just what I plan to do during my Mexico vaca. But, not every occasion is bare-belly appropriate. Maybe you don't feel comfortable at someone's lakehouse or the water park in a bikini and that's where a good tankini comes in handy. I just bought this one from Target and I love that there are so many colors and options to choose from! It is not specifically a pregnancy tankini, I just bought a regular one in a larger size but, it is not too tight and long enough for even me (and I am tall).
Screen shot 2011-06-16 at 11.08.04 PM
A good tankini will definitely come in handy especially because you will probably be doing...Lots of Swimming!
Screen shot 2011-06-16 at 11.20.19 PM
If you ARE going to be outside, you will want to be in water! Not just because the water cools you down, which is great, but for buoyancy and relief of any pain you might be experiencing from lifting a toddler...which I have. Swimming is the perfect activity for us because it is easy for me to hold Kinley and take her weight and the extra weight I am putting on off my feet!
A Go-To Non-Alcoholic Drink
I loved Lindsey's post about the fruit and vodka infused drink and it made me really want one...so, I think you need to have a go-to mocktail for summer pregnancy. Most of the time I will just go with cranberry juice and water. It has the feel of a cocktail..but, not at all. I also have this fantastic book that my SIL, Olivia, got me when I was pregnant with Kinley.
Screen shot 2011-06-17 at 12.04.06 AM
A great recipie I like is:
The Smooth Navel -
Remember those days when you could see your toes without your belly button blocking your view? Indulge yourself with a Smooth Navel, a sweet elixir that will even out the tensions of the day.
2 ounces peach juice
5 ounces fresh-squeezed orange juice
Peach slice
Fill a tall glass with ice. Add the juices and stir. Garnish with a fresh peach slice.
Another new obsession of mine is Sobe Life Water. It is a great water-alternative that is flavorful and has natural sugars.
Screen shot 2011-06-16 at 11.09.14 PM
A Must-See TV Show
Since you will probably be wanting to spend a lot of time indoors during the hot summer months when your belly continues to expand, I think you need a good TV show to follow. This maybe just one of my summer essentials because I love TV but, my fav summer guilty pleasure is Big Brother. I got hooked on it 2 years ago the summer after Kinley was born and I was up at night feeding and it is just the best. I do NOT condone it as wholesome or productive television...it is merely for entertainment value. The best thing is it is on 3 nights a week so you can follow just one show and have lots to DVR. Also, if you are up at night and can't sleep, you can watch the live feeds of the contestants from midnight to 3am on Showtime 2. I know, I am a creeper. But, in case you are interested...Big Brother 13 premiere date is July 7th :-)
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Cute and Comfy Sandals
Every pregnant girl needs some comfortable flats to wear and there is nothing better than cute sandals in the summer. Just because we can't see our feet doesn't mean they shouldn't look good! So, go pamper yourself and get a pedicure and get some of these Jessica Simpson Jafari nude sandals. I totally copied them from Aly (Allison's SIL, another Alyson Booth) and I just LOVE them! So comfy! Thanks Aly!!!
Screen shot 2011-06-16 at 11.13.04 PM
Overhead and Oscillating Fans
This is not specifically a summertime love for me, it transcends all seasons, but I definitely think that an overhead AND an oscillating fan are necessities during the summertime! It may be a Texas thing but, pretty much everyone I know sleeps with a noise fan of some kind. Anything to help a pregnant girl sleep better AND be cooler...you cannot do without!
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Low Sodium Food
This is pretty specific and I am not sure if it will be necessary for me during this pregnancy but during my first pregnancy I was diagnosed with pregnancy-induced hypertension....which basically means I had very high blood pressure. For about the last 4 weeks I had to be on a strict low-sodium diet and it was so, so hard! It was such a learning process to find out which foods were low in sodium because it is pretty much NOTHING. But, I felt I reaped tremendous benefits from being on a low-sodium diet toward the end of pregnancy. I was eating very healthy and shedding the weight I put on due to water retension from high blood pressure was a breeze! So, since I don't want to be a swollen mess by the end of the summer, I think I will do my best to avoid overly salty food and just try to make better low sodium choices when I can. A few of my favorite low-sodium foods are:
Fruit, fruit, fruit and fruit juice - especially watermelon in the summer! You can't eat enough and it is pretty much all low in sodium. I also have to have orange juice every morning and it has 0 sodium too!
Fast Food - I pretty much lived on the Chick-fil-A Chargrilled and Fruit salad during my first pregnancy. I could not really eat all the chicken because that is where the sodium is and you have to be careful which dressing you choose but, the salad is de-licious and a great healthy choice!
Screen shot 2011-06-16 at 11.37.47 PM
Rice Crispy Treats - Cereal and milk is a good low sodium option and this cereal in particular is a great choice. Add some marshmallows and you have a yummy treat!
Screen shot 2011-06-17 at 12.10.49 AM
Also any vegetables, milk, eggs, and peanut butter are great choices too!
Picnik collage
Well, that is pretty much what I think are Summer Essentials for a Preggo. Thanks so much to my sweet friends for having me guest post! I had so much fun doing this and feel free to stop by LifeThruALinds anytime!
Happy Summer!


Camila said...

You are so cute Linds! Love this post! It makes me almost want to be prego in the summer again. Almost. HAHA!

lins said...

what could be better than TWO "lindsey" guest posts in a row?!? awesome. good luck being summer prego, linds! that tankini is mega cute and we could probably all take a lesson from the "low sodium diet".... lots of aloha!

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