Twin's Goldfish Party

So, I did not really get into this party until a lot later than most...I knew I wanted to do a goldfish party since they love real fish and the goldfish snack, I just couldnt get into making it happen.  Last week I threw a few things together and then Lindsay and Allison and Aly helped me put them all up.  Most of my pics are blurry :( but, you get the idea!
This is pretty much all I had when Lindsay and Al and Aly showed up.  I had all of these things, I just didnt really know how to put them together...
Avery wasnt loving it yet
sassy was getting excited though (and they were wearing their orange and aqua and that was exciting)
then we started getting things together...
started icing the cupcakes and putting on the fish toppers that Julie and I had made earlier in the week,
put out the goldfish that I had been keeping wayyyy out of their reach for a few days (can you believe that I owned all of these already??? I got them at wal mart and target)
put out the bags for everyone to fill up with goldfish
put out the real goldfish that we got for everyone to take home as party favors (catch of the day, as we like to call them)
you cant really see the cupcake liner garland, but its starting to come together
couldnt have done it without this crew
Picnik collage
then we started setting up the non-fish food table,
I made the cakes to look like goldfish and set out the cupcakes.  My mom brought the amazing cookies (just like from ave's party) in blue and orange and we got sour and gummy worms for "bait" in our tackle box.
and the cookies had to be sampled. duh.  thanks lil.
(and the worms)
then the slip n slide got here....
and everyone was so excited.
even ben.
and the party started!
Picnik collage
Everyone had so much fun on the slip n slide! It ended up being a great activity.  I didnt really know how it would work or if it would work, but it turned out great.
Picnik collage
lil on the slip n slide
slip n sliding
even al and I loved it.
Picnik collage
and the kiddy pool was super fun too.
Ben kind of thought he was in charge of the hose...
to his own demise.
Picnik collage
and the partying didnt stop;
Picnik collage
The twins blew out their candles,
Picnik collage
(or ben kept trying to blow his out the whole time and sassy waited patiently for the end of the song.  I tried to stop him, but that kid is relentless...)
and then we opened presents.
opening presents
They loved ALL of their presents (even though I said no gifts on the invitation) and everyone helped open them.  It was so much fun.
My brother and sister in law got sassy this Belle dress and light up slippers (and gloves) that she never wanted to take off!!
She was so excited to take her pic in it with patty that she made everyone move so she could say cheese!
Ben got a fishing pole and he decided to use it asap-
and he got sass in on the action too.
We also had orange crush and gatorade and lemonade to drink.
Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who came and helped make this party so much fun!! We have the best friends and family and we truly are so thankful for you guys.
Picnik collage
And Happy Birthday Ben and Sass!! Love you guys so much more than I could ever imagine and so so proud of the kids you have become.  You are such incredible blessings to us and we are truly so thankful for you both (even though I was super nervous for you to both come at the same time...Luckily it has turned out pretty good so far :).  Im glad that God entrusted us with you guys and feel so blessedd that He did.
 Hope you had a great third bday!!


Berg said...

What a precious party! I love the creativity and how you carried the concept through all aspects of the party.

Could you show us how you made those tissue paper balls? They're so cute!


Leslie said...

Amazing party Kristen!!!! Love all of it!!!

Cassie said...

LOVE it! Seriously. Your thrown together party looks far better than my planned out for months parties :) You have a gift!

Abby said...

Really Cute - all of it.
Where did you get all your glass canisters/containers?

Camila said...

Love the theme! Love the slip n slide (so glad you did it b/c I considered doing one for Winlon's party but didn't know how it would work with little kids but looks awesome!) Love everything!!! Also love love love the fishing pole in the fish bowl. HA!

Rach said...

I have never seen this theme before! So cute and creative. Love the "tackle box!"

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

Cutest party ever. WHATEVER! :) I might pin all the pictures and put them on Pinterest. :) hahaa

Morgan Bender said...
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Morgan Bender said...

UN-FRICK FRACKIN BELIEVABLE. I hope you're saving all those decorations for me, because who wouldn't want a goldfish party after that, my birthday is coming up! I have to agree with Molly, I'll have to re-pin them from her :)...cutest thing ever

the tichenor family said...

you're amazing. the end.

... okay, well maybe not the end. SERIOUSLY?! only you could take goldfish, every child's favorite snack and make it the cutest party I ever did see. you're my hero!

lins said...

kristen- i am amazed. that is the cutest birthday of all time. of. all. time. i'm so glad we are moving back to texas so i won't have to keep missing things like this!!! and the girls dresses were SO perfect!! ah i just love it.

Unknown said...

I love this so much I can't stand it! When I have kids will you help me "throw parties together" too? You are so creative and I love it! If you'll let me, I'd love to feature this on my blog. I can't believe this was an after thought for you. It is AMAZING!!!

graceflowsdown said...
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