homemade play food

First of all, how cute was the twin's goldfish party?! We had so much fun at the party and even got to have a fun overnight with Lindsay to break up the drive. She posted some great pics of Ella and Kinley here. What you didn't see in Kristen's party pics was the party planner herself in her adorable orange and aqua attire. She looked fabulous! She really did such an amazing job (once again) and everything was just perfect. 

Ella got a play store for Christmas this year and she loves it. Don't be fooled by that girl behind the counter, it's a cardboard cutout of Ella from her dance party. I always wondered what in the world I was going to do with it after the party and it makes for a perfect stand in while Ella takes time off from working at her store. I have bought her some play food for the store but it still seemed to need more. So instead of buying more over priced plastic food I decided to make my own. 
Picnik collage
It was so easy and cheap to do! I took empty food boxes and stuffed them with newspaper and then wrapped them in packing tape. 
I really think this is going to bring in more customers for Ella:)

Speaking of food...
I made grilled stuffed zucchini the other night and it was SO good! Of course it is a Our Best Bites recipe. Love them.


the tichenor family said...

what a great idea... I am totally saving our boxes to do this in our playroom. We have a grill that could use some "accessories!"

jess tyo said...

I need that recipe! it looks amazing!

Misty said...

I bought everything to make the stuffed zucchini for dinner this Sunday night! I cant wait!

jacob20martin said...
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