Shut UP!

Y'all-look what I saw on my front steps when I got home
It's from Australia.  I know.  Australia.  Like the continent that Oprah just took all her guests too and where Wolverine is from.  I know.  Me too.  Couldnt believe it.
Then I opened it and amazingness came out. (amazingness is a word, by the way.  crazy)
Tim Tams!!
Jen Knoll saw this post and saw that I had not ever tried a tim tam.  So she sent me a box.  Are you kidding me??!  How awesome is that???  Jen, thank you so so much! We all love them and my kids ask every morning and night if they can have one because they are so amazing!! Thanks for the gorgeous card and just for being so fantastic!!
This begs the question, Tim Tams, when are you coming to the good ol' US of A??
(hahhahah! love that jordan! ok, so you can get them at world market and, thanks beth, target- real australian tim tams are wayyyy better for sure!)


jordan said...

you can get them at world market, but getting a package from Australia is so much cooler. :)

Beth said...

Sometimes they are at target too! But I bet the Austrailian ones are so much better!

Kimberly said...

That was so thoughtful! I live in Oz too but Tim Tams might be the only food that trumps foods from the US. While we all LOVE LOVE LOVE living in Australia, my ex pat friends and I spend an awful lot of time talking about foods and restaurants we miss in the US...and figuring out ways to cook Tex Mex with what we can get our hands on.
Kimberly From Houston

Bender said...

Pepperidge Farm makes them now. Do you know how to do the Tim Tam Slam? Pretty much the only way to eat them! I'm sure there is an example on You Tube.

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