moved in!

Well pictures are on the wall and moving announcements have been sent. I guess it's safe to say that we are officially moved in our new house. 
Brittany (man I miss that girl!) took family pics of us before we left Lubbock and created a moving/baby/graduation announcement for us. They turned out so cute! Ella cracks me up! She was doing her silly laugh in the pictures and when I saw how they turned out I couldn't resist doing a cheesy word bubble coming out of her mouth. I love it! That was the front of the card and the back had some family pics with our new address.
Of course there are still a million things I want to do but I feel like that feeling never stops. I actually have framed updated pictures up which is a first for me. We made a trip to Ikea a couple weeks ago and got these great photo shelves to hang on the wall and a bunch of frames.
If that pic of Ella that has slightly fallen down from the white mat is driving you crazy, don't worry I fixed it. I didn't notice till I took these pics and thats all I can see in the picture now. Ha! That makes me sound super type A and neat and tidy. Don't be fooled. I am far from it.


the tichenor family said...

Love your moving announcement. Ella is such a character-- what a cutie! Those shelves are great. I love your photo arrangement. I'd love to get some to do a wall of books for the boys. Because, you know, we'd have them arranged perfectly at all times and never pulled down and strewn all over the playroom/house/world. Ha!

Natalie of TheBusyBudgetingMama.com said...

That card is adorable! We are moving in a month..renovating the new place right now.. i can't wait to have photos hung and be in that stage. so ready. hoe you are enjoying being somewhat settled! :)

Mandie W said...

Those shelves are great!!! I need to search for some. No IKEA around here though. ;-) I'm glad you feel more settled in. I loved the announcement.

Melissa said...

so cute! love the shelves with pictures, great idea!

lins said...

I want to copy your picture shelves! And that picture of Ella is hilarious! Congrats on the move!!

Jordan said...

Hahaha that moving announcement is cracking me up. Very creative!

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