Summer Essentials from LL

So we are starting our first little series here on Lullaby Lubbock where we tell you our favorite summer essentials.  We are going to have a few of our friends do some guest posts over here, too, to share their summer essentials also.   We are super excited and decided we would start off with our faves first and then you get the fun people next.
Without further ado,
Picnik collage
 we love the huge baggu bags.  They are super big and seem really unnecessary at first, but then you magically fill them up.  And they are waterproof and dry super fast.
The sunscreen stick is so great for little tiny faces that dont like it to be applied at all, mom, thankyouverymuch.
I, kristen, need floppy hats for the major malasma that grows on my face with every ray of sun that it comes into contact with.  I look just like jeff after I have been to the pool and havent waxed my 'stache.  Not my best summer look.
fun cover up.  We clearly do not own this one as it is costs more than the rest of our summer essentials combined, and mine is from so long ago that I dont think I could even find it on ebay.
I love good books.  Not that I have time while I am by the pool, but maybe if they get super tired at the pool they will nap and then we can read a few pages at a time.
My kids are totally loving dried strawberries right now.
We love fishing poles.  Even ben likes this barbie one because it comes with a fish weight on it.  We just use that when its just me and the kids.  We dont want to risk a hook in the eye.  They think its fun pulling the fish around the water with the other fishes.  And he cries when we have to leave them everytime.  
You all know I  love new blogs to love on.  This is good if you dont want to read after your eyes are sore from being at the pool and the park in the heat of the day with the bright sun- its so much different on a bright computer...
Hope you guys are having a great summer so far!


Jessica Jeffrey said...

Girls this is so fun! Love all of your essentials!
P.s. Allison, can't stop looking at yalls moving announcement, want to be you! Your family of four is the cutest ever.

Cassie said...

LOVE this. I love Baggu's, too...and if you're a floppy hat girl, you should check out my newest favorite:


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