Mornin' Yall

So, yesterday was my half birthday.  Yes.  I love it almost as much as my birthday.  I know, the dorky birthday lover now has another day to celebrate-yea (insert finger spinning around in a circle boringly) But, really, its so much fun to be able to celebrate being 29 and 1/2 and we had fun.  (Like McDonalds, pool, double daves, mavs win at the last minute kind of fun.  awesome).  
I thought, in honor of my half birthday I would share a few weird quirky things about myself that yall may not know yet....
1. I have a quick dancy thing that I do whenever something tastes good.  We call it my food dance. Turns out Sassy does it too.  The food shimmy.
2. I love magazines and books.  If I get to a long article in a magazine and I dont have time to read it right then, I have to put it down and I cant skip over it and just look at pictures- I have to read the whole thing from start to finish.  so odd.
3. I dont like mushy foods like beans but I have recently opened up my repituar to hummus and guacamole.  (This is not to be confused by creamy stuff- I love creamy dips and dressings and stuff.  Mushy is just gross.)  I may have to try beans...tomorrow.
4. Recently, I signed up for a photoshop class in LA even though I knew I couldnt go, but I really wanted to pretend I could, so I got their emails and kept emailing back acting like I could go.  I actually tried to get a babysitter but I couldnt find one.  Maybe next time. Crazy friend that is up for anything or crazy friend that thinks she can just jump on a plane and go to LA?? I dont know.  Either way, crazy. I want to learn photoshop so bad and its the annoying thing that I talk about all the time.  I havent bought it yet but my amazing mom gave me some money for it for mothers day (i know, amazing) but I am too worried I wont be able to figure it out so I havent actually bought it yet.  I will probably annoyingly talk about it once it happens and every detail that I try to teach myself.  I also think I am a graphic designer. hahahhahaha! I mean, I know I am NOT and all of that, but that is my dream life job someday so I can make invitations and all kinds of stuff.  Hence photoshop.  Someday.
5. I am pretty socially shy and awkward and say the most terrible things when Im nervous.  I think its hard to be my wingman in times like this because I can be pretttttyyyyy embarrassing...
6. Concerts are some of my favorite things ever.  Even if I dont know the band (which is not true in my own personal concerts in my car- if I dont know the song, I cant listen.  That makes it pretty hard to find new music to listen to so I have to trick myself into just playing it in the background and pretending I know it.  I am not good at that, either.  I change the song 1000 times to find the exact right one to fit my mood, even if I am just turning onto my street) Back to the concerts, sorry.  Even if I dont know the band and they are live, I will love it and dance and pretend I know the lyrics.  Im so cool it hurts.
That is enough randomness.
Oh, and I stayed up til three last night making these things
Picnik collage
blurry clutch without snaps yet?
bib that I still need to single crochet around the edges to make it look better for Julie's baby to be, Lily.
sunglasses case without snaps yet?
random colored purse that I am not totally sure I love the colors.
and I am obviously bow crazy right now.
And more obviously Jeff was on call last night and I cant sleep when he is gone.  And that is 2-3 times a week.  So, I am usually so fun to be around.  Ask my kids.
Happy friday guys and I just heard its National Donut Day so I think we are headed to Shipleys right now...


Erynn said...

a) how do you function staying up so late
b) I feel like some things never change in your little post about yourself
c) i love that you signed up for that class, amazing really.

love you, even though i haven't seen you in a billion years.

Cassie said...

You. Are. Hilarious.

I think you should GO FOR IT with Photoshop. It is like a foreign language at first...but it is easy to learn bits and pieces...and pretty soon...it's no big deal! Trust me! And I'm always happy to help if you get stuck (not that I'm an expert or anything...)

And I LOVE your crocheting...all of it, but especially the bows!! If you stick to Photoshop like you do crocheting, you'll be a graphic designer extraordinaire in no time :)

Beth said...

So yeah. I'm the same way with magazines. Gotta read it from front to back, no skipping around!

And I wish we lived in the same town - I would totally teach you photoshop. I had to live and breath it for so many years that I actually kinda miss it. And if you are looking to do invitations and stuff you might want to look into Adobe In Design - it's more for that type of stuff. Photoshop is more for editing raster images. (And there you have my nerdy recommendations.)

Lifethrualinds said...

Happy half-birthday to you and Britney Spears. I love, love the purse. So cute...and I totally want to take Photoshop with you!

Lisa said...

ohmygosh - I love everything about this post!!! Let's learn photoshop! Love the singing, dancing, and staying up crocheting until all hours. Please move to Dallas so we can do all of these things together!


julia b said...

these are a little different but they reminded me of you... http://www.softstarshoes.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=product.display&Product_ID=802
they're super fun and probably easy if you are crafy and know how to knit. which i don't. anyway, love the cutesy clutches!

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