Bicycle Party built for Two

The twins 4th birthday was this weekend and it was a total blast.  It was just so so much fun.  Thank you everyone who came and celebrated with us!  We just have the best friends and family.
Sorry for the large amounts of pics...I just got a little excited.
outside of house2
more outside of house
We set it up in the front yard and just let the kids run around and play in the street since our street is safe to ride on.
I made these streamers (like bike streamers.  some may say tassels but I think streamers is a little more appropriate :) out of scrap fabric and hung them very unevenly...
and bike flags lined the walk way.
ben and sass
ben and sassy5
avery and sassy
Ben had to pump up his tires before the party.
ben pumping his tires
ben pumping his tires2
bike decor2
For the party favors I ordered baskets from this amazing wholesale place and put velcro and straps on the back so they could attach them to their bikes.  My mom got some horns for the kids to put on their bikes and we made some water bottles that they could put in the baskets (to rehydrate after all their long rides).  We also had some spoke decorations that they could put on their bikes.
eshen and bike decor
eshen on bike2
Julie emailed me some bike washes that she had seen on pinterest and I just loved that idea so much! (that girl is so creative)  I put jeff on it and he made a fantastic bike wash that the kids just loved.
ryker in bike wash
isla and ryker
bike wash
mazzy in bike wash
eshen in bike wash
bike wash6
isla in bike wash
kinley in bike wash
I was beyond excited to have kinley at my house! she has the sweetest demeanor and just so kind and beautiful.  love you kinley gay.
and then they had to get in in their clothes?
bike wash16
bike washing
bike wash 17
I had seen this cake on pinterest and thought it looked decently easy (I was so wrong.  I was really not very good at the detail parts AT ALL) but it was super fun.  I made it into a tandem bike and they loved it even though it looked so ghetto.  They were so sweet about it and it just makes me want to make ghetto cakes for them every year :)
blowing out candles2
(one twin is more comfortable being sung too and blowing out the candles than the other)
shy with her candles
blowing out candles
sassy with her cake
but she was excited about her piece.
Julie made these amazing wheel cookies that were not only cute but delish.
Clay, our neighbor, brought over his shwinn twin bike and it was a HUGE hit!
april and clay
Everyone took a turn and had a blast riding it around the neighborhood!
bros on tandem3
ben and linds tandem
linds and ben tandem
jan and bob tandem
shannie and patrick on tandem
shannie and patrick tandem2
My friends and family are so beautiful.  I really have monopolized the beautiful friend corner of the world.
They are all so sweet too.  My brothers and sister in law rented bikes to drive with!! (I mean, it was BYOB) And so many other  friends, family and neighbors brought their bikes and their kids.  It was just SO much fun.  Thank y'all so much for coming and celebrating with bikes and all.
michael and patrick
patrick shannie and mig on bikes
shannon on bikes
michael and patrick on bikes
patrick fixing his bike
jeff on a bike with beer
linds, mandi and jenn
Ty's cuteness really just kills me.
lindsay and julie
me and lil
and almost all my babies were in one place. I think it was heaven.
mandi and ryker
Thank you so much for coming ryker.  how did you get so big!
mary and carrie
oh isla grace.  i could not love that face more.
we love our matching shoes!
julie, katelyn and lily
i love you ladies.  thank you so much for all y'all do. and for your beyond gorgeous girls.
julie and april
isla and hello kitty helmet
sweet neighbors
papa and sawyer
minnie and nana
april julie and deann
ben and isla playing
hanging out3
me and julie and lily
Thanks again everyone for all your help, support, for coming out and playing, driving for forever and just being our friends (or your family or neighbors and are stuck with us- sorry for you guys!) to our bike party built for two!  We love y'all SO much!
We missed ella and al and kenna and bob SO MUCH! So sad for those tonsils and cant wait to see them soon.  Just hate missing each others parties this year.  Next year, though.  We are on it.


Cassie said...

OH my goodness. I love everything about this adorable party!! We are having to rework our "car wash" and I LOVE the idea of using pool noodles instead of streamers! Definitely making that happen over here :)

christiejayne said...

Wow! This party is AMAZING! I love it all! And can I say that your house is adorable as well? Too cute!

Misty said...

again... as ALWAYS... I am in love with this party & it is so fabulous. The bike wash was fantastic & I hope you share how you made it :) The signs are so cute. I just love everything about this. I feel ya' on the cake~ I decided the day before AK's party to make all 4 of her cakes. homemade. The baking part was ok. The decorating part... not so much. but I wouldn't trade it for anything : ) Happiest Birthday to your little sweet hearts!

Lizzie Ann Designs said...

I would totally do this for my next birthday and I'm almost 25 lol Such a great/fun idea!

Camila said...

You are just out of this world!! I love everything about this, but maybe most of all that it was in the front yard. I love me a good front yard party! I WISH I would have thought of a bike was for our splash party. Your kiddos are so lucky that you make their birthdays so cool and special!

Amy said...

Wow! What a fun party!! Happy birthday to your kiddos.

Mindy Rives said...

Gosh, darling party!!! Too fun!

Nina said...

Love it, the bike wash, so fun!! Those tandem bikes look awesome. Love those 4 year olds :)

jennifer said...

happy birthday ben and sass!!! we loved celebrating with you. everything was just perfect and so so cute!! love you barstads so much!!

Leslie said...

LOVE IT!!! Awesome Party lady!!!!!

mark and elizabeth said...

oh my goodness. cutest party idea ever!!! might have to copy you when reese turns three or four! so fun!!!!

the tichenor family said...

KRISTEN BARSTAD! you are so cute and so creative. this party makes me smile SO much. hope the twins had a very happy birthday. your creativity knows no bounds and i think that "ghetto" bike cake is the bomb dot com! :)

Kimberly :) said...

wow...you really DO have beautiful friends. Will you please tell us how you made the bike wash?

Misty said...

can you share the details for the bike wash? please and thank you :)

The Turner Family said...

Hey there I found your blog through pinterest and love it!! I am getting ready to do a bicycle bday for my little guy who will be turning 6 anyways love all your ideas and was just wondering about your shirts did you do them or did you have them done? Thanks in advance and hope you don't mind me using some of your ideas:)

Katie said...

What a fun bike wash idea! I have included it in my What Can You Make with a Pool Noodle
Round Up. If for any reason you would like me to exlude your project please let me know and I will take it out immediately.

Thanks for sharing this great project!

Unknown said...

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wdadasd said...

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