goodbye tonsils and adenoids, hello princess teeth

Ella had the works done on her sweet little mouth today. 
After getting the results from her sleep study, she was scheduled to get her tonsils and adenoids out. After a recent trip to the dentist and finding out how many cavities she had, the dentist and ENT decided to team up. 
So, at 1:00 today Ella had her tonsils and adenoids removed and 7 (yep) caps put on her teeth. We like to call them princess teeth. They are all molars so you can't really see them shine unless she smiles real big:)
I ordered this Good-bye Tonsils book from Amazon and it was so great. It was very detailed about each step Ella went through this morning.
Ella was so calm all morning and when I would ask her if she was nervous or excited, she would say excited. She really is such a brave kid and I am so proud of how wonderful she did today. I was a nervous wreck all week but had such a peaceful feeling today. Such an answered prayer. 
Ella was in surgery for 2 hours and they said everything went great. The doctor said that with out a doubt Ella had the right surgery. She told us that they rate adenoids on a 0-4 scale and Ella's were a 4+. They also said that the large amount of cavities could be because of the fact that she could only breath out of her mouth. Which means that she never created much saliva and that is what protects the teeth. It's no excuse and might not even be the reason but it sure did make me feel a little better about her having so many cavities. 
After surgery hasn't been so easy. She has been very disoriented, throwing up, and not able to get comfortable. It is heart breaking. They kept her overnight and Bob is staying with her. I pray that she gets a good nights sleep and the healing process happens fast. 
There was about 15 minutes today were she sat up and seemed to be doing good. I bought her a nail painting kit and she wanted me to paint her nails. Some of the first words she said was "mom, this one is messed up."Even in severe pain, she still cares about having perfect painted nails. I love that girly girl!
I will keep you guys updated on our road to recovery. 


Josh, Erica, Garrett, and Haylee said...

I'm so sorry you guys have to go through that!! I'm not going to lie...you're going to have a tough week....and day THREE-FOUR seems to be the worse. The one advise I have is stay on top of the pain meds...even if she seems to be feeling better (at least until you get through the 4th or 5th day day). After week 2 she will be a different child (in her sleeping, eating, etc habits)!! It's a hard surgery but is totally worth it when they need it done!! We will keep you in our prayers this week!!! I hope she feels good as new soon!!!

Leslie said...

Praying for you guys!!! Allison you always have a smile on your pretty face. Hang in there!! I've heard that surgery is rough. Hope she gets back to her self asap!

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

I too have heard that surgery is rough on little ones. Her little face breaks my heart! Praying for quick healing! You are an amazing momma!

Carrie said...

We're praying for a speedy recovery! Her little post-surgery half-smile is so sweet and sad at the same time!!

Olivia Howe said...

We are praying for Ella! She is just so brave it makes me tear up.

Unknown said...

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