polka dot playroom

First off, how adorable and fun did the twins bicycle party look?! Kristen did an amazing job! (like always!) We were SO sad that we couldn't be there! Ella was still in recovery mode from her surgery so we couldn't travel. Good news is that she is finally feeling better and pretty much fully recovered!

Ok, back to the polka dot playroom. About a month ago we moved McKenna into Ella's room. We have now turned McKenna's old room into a playroom/movie room/craft room.
The polka dot wall tutorial and a fabulous polka dot quilt Kristen made is featured on Kojodesign's color your summer series today! So head over there to see our tutorials on how to dot your own wall and sew a summer quilt. We are beyond thrilled that they asked us to be apart of their fun summer series!

I have always dreamed of my own little craft area but there just wasn't any space for it in this house. Until… McKenna's closet became free! It was absolutely the perfect little nook and lucky for me, I married Bob the Builder! He removed the super cool sliding mirror doors and built me a desk and self in the closet space. He even installed some lighting under the shelf. It is life changing! I just love it so much! Being able to craft while the girls play or watch a movie is the best! 
I painted the desk and shelf with chalkboard paint. 
I bought this outdoor planter from Home depot to hold my projects that are in the works.
I'm always the worst at knowing what to put on walls and then where and how to hang them. I have to search for something on pinterest to straight up copy or call my uber talented friend Morgan for advice.  
I saw this DIY photo canvas on pinterest and couldn't believe how cheap and easy it was. Take your photo to Staples (or any office max type place) and ask for an engineer print. I think you can get it in color but to do it the cheaper way it only comes in black and white. The sizes of an engineer print are 18x24, 24x36, or 36x48. I got the 18x24 and cropped them to fit an 18x18 square canvas. I just used some spray adhesive to stick the photo to the canvas. So easy!
Now that I have my own craft nook, hopefully I'll be back with some fun projects to share!


The Savage's said...

That is AWESOME! I love it! Now, can Bob come over and turn our guest room closet into a craft nook??

Camila said...

Love the whole room! The photos caught my eye immediately and the new desk is so clutch! Have you given us a tour of the girls' new shared room! Hope they are having fun sharing!

Misty said...

oh i love your little nook. I have been wanting to do something similar under our stairs that I saw on pinterest. I made the same canvas prints to gifts & LOVED them. LOVE this playroom :)

the tichenor family said...

what a great nook!! yay for Bob the Builder... love the chalkboard paint tops and all of your super cute tags. you are so creative.

those polka dots are so happy & fun!! are the girls loving sharing a room? so sweet.

Unknown said...

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