Is it Friday Already???

That is so crazy.
Summer just makes the days seem long and the weeks seems short.  
I have so many plans and want to do so many things and then all of a sudden, its july.
Here is a little bit of lately thats been going on over here.
There's been some porch craftin' in the morning before it gets too hot.
Some cuddling.
Some pj partyin'
Some sno conin'
Roly polyin'
Some watchin' newsies (the play) on youtube.  This has become a nightly (and daily) ritual.  We cant stop watching it.  I so wish there was a that it could be a movie from the play. sigh.
Some castin'.
And the very next day, like the mom of the year that I am, I took her to the lake with the huge cast cover that sealed water out and we had a blast.  And, even though I thought that it did work, once we got home we noticed the lake infested parasite water was everywhere.
So jeff cut it off.
and now we have jerry rigged a removable cast.
We are so white trash.
Hopefully it will work and she will be able to walk on it and take it off to swim.  Its actually very innovative, really.
Who else has a removable cast that their dad cut off himself in their home late at night????
no one, I bet.
(probably in their best interest)
And today is our best friend Celeste's 30th birthday!! She is out of the country traveling right now  (you can go read about her fantastic journey) and we so wish we could be there to celebrate with her!
Happy birthday Cel! We love you so much!!

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Clymer Family said...

Wait! Is that a mazzios pizza in the background of the sno cone pic!!!?? We used to have one of those and it was soooo good!

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