Copying Allison, a new plan and some dinner

Are y'all just hanging on every single pic of ella like we are??? Oh that sweet girl.  They just make me cry.  I just hate that she had to go through this terrible thing so young but she is truly the luckiest girl to have her sweet mom taking care of her.  Allison is so amazing at encouraging and loving on her through all of this.  (and bob and kenna!)  She makes everything a game or finds a fun way to do things.  She always stays positive and up beat when I would be crying and laying on the ground too tired.  She never puts herself first and I know that is helping ella get well and heal so much faster. We are all praying so much for her and that she starts feeling better so soon.
Last week we tried to copy the out door water bed like al and we did not succeed.  Let's just say that we are not the best at keeping water in a confined space...
We decided to take the party else where and move the baby pool under the slide and that turned out fantastic.
slide in pool
sassy smiling
My mom came down for their last day of school, as well as avery's and it was just so much fun to have her here.
sassy sliding2
sassy sliding3
sassy sliding
We did put soap on the slide to make it a little easier to slide down.  At one point my mom was cheering katelyn down the slide when she started going way too fast and flipped completely over the pool and landed on the ground!  We were all panicking and my mom rushed to pick her up and asked her "katelyn! How are you???" and she looked right at my mom and said with her little fingers in the air "3!"
We all couldn't help but laugh.
 She is one tough girl.
katelyn sliding
ben and katelyn swimming
lily serious
oh, and the cutest baby girl in the world was there too.
lily little smile
We also had an impromptu dinner the other night with a few resident friends.
I grilled my first burgers!
They brought sides and we laughed and played catch while we waited to eat.
mandi and brooke
brooke and julie and lily
will and brooke and julie
the girls
love that husband photo bomb tra!
swinging kids
mandi tra and ryker
mandi and april laughing
lily smiling1
dad time
After dinner I shaun made strawberry shortcake and it was delish.
I think the kids liked it.
kids eating2
kids eating
Tyler,  you are really showing me a good time lately.
Thank you.
(And sidenote- did y'all hear him call it "quinoa" and not keenwa??  I love it.  I feel like thats how it should be pronounced. I know.  Vital information that had to be interjected.  I really feel like we should take a vote and everyone should pronounce it like that.  Too much??? Probably.  And she isn't going to pick ryan who says things like she "I'll still love ya but I won't love on ya" if she gets fat, right??? -Don't tell me.  I haven't finished the episode yet.)

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