DIY dinosaur eggs

I have never met someone who loves eggs more than Ben. His imagination with them is so fun to watch and cracks me up every time. (haha! pun intended) 
 Ella has an empty egg carton in her play store with some wooden eggs and every time he has come over that is the first thing he goes for. I don't think he ever let them leave his hands during McKenna's birthday party. I love that kid.
Last time he was over he would hide them under a pillow and have me come sit with him as we waited for them to "hatch." I feel like Ben and I have bonded over some good egg watching:)
I knew exactly what to do for his birthday this year. 
His very own carton of dinosaur eggs!
I just printed off a label, laminated it with packing tape and glued it onto an old egg carton.
I bought these eggs from Hobby Lobby for 34 cents a piece and painted them.
I tried to give them a hatched look with some crackle paint but it would never work. My favorite kind of paint was this Snow-Tex that I found at hobby lobby. It gave them a cool texture and a very dinosaurish look, whatever that is.
Happy hatching Ben! 

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Misty said...

allison i just want to do everything you do. seriously. this is such a cute THOUGHTFUL gift. One of Masyn's best friends is a boy & they both love Dino Dan. Last week we were buying plants at Lowes and she was pretending we were in the jungle hiding from a t-rex lol I just may have to do this same thing. surprise. lol
I posted about our train ride last week & took a picture of her watching for dinosaurs. Everyone on the train was laughing at her.

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