update on Ella

what a week it has been.
I have been meaning to do an update on Ella sooner but I honestly just didn't have it in me. Every time I sit down in front of the computer I'm overwhelmed with thinking how to update on all that has happened this week. 
As you know from the earlier post I wrote, Ella had surgery last Friday. She stayed the night in hospital and came home on Saturday. 
The biggest thing the doctor and nurses stressed as we were leaving the hospital was fluids. Eating would of course be slow at first, but they wanted her to drink lots and lots of fluids from day one. I knew how important this was too so I tried to make a little game out of it. I call it "Reach for the Stars." 
Getting fluids down a 4 year old who just had her tonsils, adenoids and 7 cavities filled is not easy. If I had a dollar for every time I have said, "take another drink" I would be rich. 
 I labeled each water bottle with 3 stars. Every time she reaches a star, she gets a prize from the grab bag.  I made a trip to the dollar store and filled up a bag with all kinds of goodies.

Sunday was rough. It's all a blur. Lots of bribing, crying and restlessness for everyone.  We tried about 6 different kinds of ice cream/popsicles/sno-cones and 4 different kinds of juice and gatorade and could never get her take more than a nibble or sip.  Fortunately she would at least take water with constant "encouragement" 
After realizing how hard this recovery was going to be for Ella, I got a little nervous about being by myself on Monday when Bob had to work. My mom and mother-in-law were SO wonderful and were willing to do anything to help me out. My mom came back on Monday and stayed till Wednesday. 

Monday was worse than Sunday.
5:00 am Monday morning: we gave Ella her scheduled pain medicine, and Bob left for work. One suppository, two more pain med doses (all vomited back up of course) , and three episodes of vomiting later Bob was taking her to the ER.
At the ER Ella was pretty dehydrated, and her glucose was really low, likely from barely tolerating anything more than water and being sick (we found out from later labs that she also had virus which helps explain the fevers and cough).  The doctors decided to keep Ella overnight for IV fluids and IV pain meds in case she couldn't keep her oral meds down.  Ella was noticeably sad to be back in the hospital but we were relieved that she was getting great care.  She improved quite a bit from all the fluids and even ate a little food for the first time since the surgery. She took some of her first non-water fluids. She finished an 8 ounce gatorade in just over 3 hours of constant pleading from Bob.
Despite all this Ella has been so tough.  We tried lots of things to help the time pass in the hospital. (coloring, fancy dresses, painting faces)
Who wouldn't want to get there face painted in a hospital bed?!
I decided to spice up Ella's couch pallet for her second home coming. I found this cool princess tent at walmart that is made to go on a twin size bed.
Each day is getting better but still in major recovery mode. She had her first outing to get a little summer haircut. It might have been too soon, it took everything out of her. It even took a few hours after being home for her to smile about it and say she loved it:)
I think we are on couch fort number 4. We are all starting to get a little cabin fever over here. There is only so much you can do. Nail painting, crafts, glow stick baths, plastic bubbles and lots and lots of movie watching.
These nail polish pens that my mom brought are the coolest! I have seen them at the grocery store and walmart.
Even Bob got his done:)
Wanna cover dad with post-it notes? Sure. Why not?
Today is day 7. The doctor said it would be a two week recovery. Things are only going to get better from here and I can't wait!
Thank you everyone for the prayers, sweet comments, tips, emails, texts, notes, packages, and treats. I could not do this without you! 


Misty said...

ohmygoodnesssss!!!! POOR LITTLE ELLA!!
You are just such an inspiration as a mom & all the fun stuff you do is being bookmarked in my head just in case. I did love all the fun pics of your sweethearts, but I just can't imagine how tough it's been! I will be keeping y'all in my prayers! 6.5 days left : )

Nicole said...

Poor Ella and poor Booth Family! If you need anything, don't hesitate to call. We're thinking of you and are hoping for a speedy recovery. Take care, Ella!

Alexis said...

So many things about this post:
1) You are the most fun mom ever
2) Ella looks precious with her new haircut.
3) I am jealous of your hair. Beautiful!
4) Do I spy a Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen video? I grew up watching them. Ahh the days of Full House!

So glad the days are getting better. Hope she is back to normal soon!

Lifethrualinds said...

This makes me tear up. Sweet Ella. What a brave angel. And you, you are my inspiration of how to help a sick baby feel better. You truly are amazing.

Byrdi said...

You are a fabulous mother. And props to your husband for the nail painting ;) I hope she feels much better soon!

jennifer said...

poor, sweet ella!! makes me so so sad, but glad to hear she is feeling better. missed seeing you guys today we need to have a little reunion soon!

Misty said...

This post was a life saver for me today. Masyn has the flu & we were both in tears earlier when I was trying to get her to take a drink. I was certain we were going to have to take her to the ER for an IV if she didn't start drinking something. Your star water bottles saved the day.

Rida Kismayenti said...

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