A broken ankle and blinged out crutches

There have been the most fun things going on and I cant wait to look at every pic and share the past couple of weeks but today we had a minor tragedy that I needed to document before I forget what day it was or that it even happened.  Avery, our accident prone first born broke her ankle last night.  bummer.  
She loves a summer break.  
(hahahahhahha!  ahhh.  I'm here all week folks)
So, taking a cue from allison's amazing ability to make anything fun, we redid those crutches and dyed the ace bandage.  
We went with what any other small town southern mom would pick- hot pink and rhinestones.
We wrapped them in hot pink duct tape and then glued and stuck whatever sparkly stickers we could find on top.
I think she liked 'em.
She really has been such a trooper.
I am so proud of her and how brave and kind she is.  I know that this has got to bum her out and hurt all at the same time, but she really didnt show it until late tonight after I put her to bed.
She started crying because it hurt and just couldn't stop.  She would try to stop- and I told her it was alright if she wanted to keep crying, but she said no- and then she would start again.
It was just heartbreaking watching her summer plans and opportunities change in the blink of an eye.
I am so thankful I was there to watch her handle it with such grace and so many smiles until the late hours of the night when no one was around, and finally let all her grief out.
Thanks for being so strong aves.  I love you so much.
And thank you sassy for all your help with your magical glue gun and sweet cheeks smile.  youre a good sister girlfriend.
(no pics of the ace bandage, but you can imagine it knowing that it was dyed "fusia" and is the brightest color they make this side of texas.)


fromhousetohome said...

Oh, she makes me cry too. It's hard to believe just a few days ago she was showing me how well she could hop around the house. She is brave. I love that girl so much! I know you Kristen will make the best of it for her. You ALWAYS do!

Unknown said...

Oh no! Prayers for a quick recovery! I had a patient once that found battery operated christmas lights to wrap on her crutches. You know, if you need a bit more bling:)

Unknown said...

Oh no! Poor Aves! At least she has a fun mom to help her through it all!!!

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