Our life motto. 
We like to make life a party. 
excited face
Whether it's celebrating a first ponytail, new baby, broken bones, new jobs, good behavior, new teachers, our favorite sports team, new crib, whatever it be-we like to celebrate always.

It was a sad day to see Lullaby Lubbock go but we felt like it was about time. We hope you guys like our new name and look. We are loving it! Thanks so much to Savannah for helping us!
We still have a lot of organizing and linking to do but hopefully everything will be in the right place soon! Thank you for reading with us all these years on Lullaby Lubbock and we hope that you continue to celebrate with us always.


Shay said...

Love the new look! Thanks for inspiring me to always celebrate :-) the little things

Joni Anderle said...

I have been a reader since you guys took those pictures on the bike. I lived in Lubbock at the time also. Though I've never met you, nor do I comment often...we have several common friends of friends (catch that?? :)) I enjoy your blog and saying goodbye to Lullaby Lubbock is a little bittersweet to me also because my little family relocated to Fort Worth last year. I will remain a loyal follower and maybe someday I will get to run into you! (I always REALLY wanted to run into one of you at the Lubbock mall! Sounds creeperish, doesn't it!!)
Love Joni

Misty said...

oh my heart just stopped for a minute. I thought you were saying that was going to be the last post. ever. I can handle the name change much better than my favorite blog saying goodbye! {whew! that was a close one!} love the new look & love the name. I will still probably call it LL from time to time on accident because I have been following since... well, Allison, I think since I messaged you about Ella's 1st birthday party!! oh.my.goodness. Masyn wasn't even 1! You 2 are fab & I love the new look. {I think I said that already}

Kate said...

perfect name! y'all are my celebrating mentors....party inspiration, if you will. Love the blog!

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