Everything we did this fall

So, I have pretty much sucked at keeping up with our fall over here.  It is not exciting to anyone else, but I just want to remember.
So here it all is in one fell swoop.
Jeff and I went to ACL again this year with my brother and cousins and it was a blast.  We got fantastic cruisers that we took everywhere and it hysterical how hard it is to ride a bike…/ Group pic/ We painted Shea's room with chalkboard paint/ I made this fantastic Cinnamon pull apart bread that seeing this pic makes me want right now/ Crazy hair day/ Family Juicing/ We went to see Brittney's soccer game/ Aves and Sass's hair and make up salon had a pop up shop for about 2 hrs/ Sass is learning to sew
Then we totally jumped on Lindsay and Carol and Kinley's girl trip and invited ourselves to their Dora Live adventure at Casa Mañana and it was AWESOME.  The kids could not get over it and just loved getting to go with kinley and lindsay and Carol.  The actors were amazing.  It was just so much fun.
Ben fed the ducks from his hands/ We scooted around the park in honor of my mom who almost killed herself on one not too long ago (luckily she is now miraculously healed against all odds)/ We cut Ben's hair/ This was forever ago but we did move all the beds in together and all the kids share a room.  I just love it and kind of hope it never changes/ We love the park/ Blair and Mel came over with Sneaky Pete and we sewed pillows for Blair's house. It was so much fun.  We thought we were west elm/ Octoberfest was so much fun down here with all the fantastic animals and games.  We just love our new town.
Whew.  Was that a whirlwind or what.  Thanks for reading if you have made it past all of these collages.  Its like a high school scrap book up in here.
Happy Friday!

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