Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!
We made a little Thankful banner by gluing sticks together with hot glue and then wrapping yarn around the sticks.  Pretty simple and handmade looking, but we know I cant ever make things look better than homemade.
This year we made "Sweet as Pie" shirts for the girls and just let Ben have the traditional Turkey shirt.  I designed them, but Jeff cut them out and heat pressed them.  That guy.  He's so good.
And then after he spent all this time making the fronts absoultey perfect, I went rogue and just wrote their thankful lists on the back instead of heat pressing them.  I know, Ghetto.  I just cant help myself.
Either way, they have their thankful lists on there (for now- I think Avery's is washable marker :/).  SO there's that…
We have so much to be thankful for- Christ, Jeff moonlighting, a warm house, food on the table, healthy kids, a baby on the way and just really everything.
Hope you all have so much fun celebrating this year and eat until you can not eat anymore.  We all know I plan on it.

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Misty said...

I made a sweet as pie shirt for a pumpkin pie costume & it sure didn't look that cute!! I am going to add a heat press to my Christmas list! I have a question: when making the shirts, I get the design/cut it out with the silhouette part- i think- for the different parts of the pie, are you ungrouping the image & just cutting out each piece in different colors?

Also, how to you get everything so straight? Do you eyeball it or does this work like the wall decals/contact paper? put on in layers or all at once?

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