Halloween Happenings

I love Halloween. Not the scary, creepy side of Halloween but the dress up in whatever theme you want and eat candy all month  day part. My girls love it too. When we first started talking about Halloween costumes, Ella's first pick was a princess. She hasn't ever really been into princesses stuff so I was surprised that's what she said. I know that she is at the age where I can no longer pick for her so I tried my best to come up with a creative spin on a princess. I threw out the idea of Rapunzel. I wanted the girls to coordinate which I knew wouldn't be an issue since McKenna wants to copy every move Ella makes these days. I thought Ella could be the "before" Rapunzel with her long blonde hair and then McKenna could be the "after" Rapunzel with her shorter brown hair. I was excited! The girls were too. For about 5 minutes. Then Ella realized she didn't like the puffy sleeves on Rapunzel's dress. So the princess idea was out the window. Next on the list was Doc McStuffins and Lambie. They were both very excited about the idea and McKenna would have made the most perfect Doc McStuffins. Ella was thrilled about being Lambie too. Once I began talking about how to create the lamb costume she kinda lost interest. Not McKenna though. She was still stuck on Doc McStuffins. Ella then one morning came to be very excited with the idea of being a Care Bear. So random and we don't even watch Care Bears. She loves a rainbow so she was very excited about being the Care Bear with the rainbow on her tummy. She said Kenna could be the sunshine one, I could be the heart and dad would be the one with the rain cloud. Ok. I could do Care Bears. I was worried about a hot costume so I was thinking tshirts and bear ears maybe. I was ready to roll with it though. Then one night during dinner the girls started putting on a song number for Bob and I. Ella introduced McKenna and her as the Sister Rock Band. I mentioned how that could be a cute Halloween costume idea and all they would have to wear was a bunch of sparkle. Sold! They never looked back. Well McKenna did go back to the Doc McStuffins every now and then but in the end picked Rockstar like her big sister Ella. So thats the history of our Halloween costumes. I'm sure everyone wanted to hear all those exciting details. I just love to have stuff like that recorded so I can look back and remember all those fun details. (to me at least)
The only thing I made was the guitar strap for their costumes. Everything else was either bought or we already had. We are never short on things that sparkle and shine. The guitars are from oriental trading company. They were the perfect size and so light weight because they were inflatable. I sewed a strip of black fabric into a tube and heat pressed their band name onto it. I then just sewed the strap right onto the edge of the plastic guitar. 
I love a full family costume so I made shirts for Bob and I to wear. We loved being part of the Sister Rockstar Band!
We had a trunk or treat with our church last weekend so the girls got to rock out twice. We did the Candyland theme just like last year again. Since we still had all the stuff from it we thought it would be easier to just do a repeat. It poured rain the day before so the location got changed to church parking lot last minute. It ended up being great but not so great for all our lollipops that we stick in the ground. It was still so much fun!
Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 2.30.55 PM

Actual Halloween night was a blast! We had a group of friends over for a soup pot luck dinner and ate it outside while the kids passed out candy. I wish I would have gotten a pic of all the kids together. We are missing Charlie Brown, Super Hero Camdyn (you can kind of see her in the background) and Rockstar McKenna in this pic. 
IMG_3019Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 2.31.35 PM
How fantastic are those rockstar boots?! The smallest size they made in them was a 9/10. McKenna is a size 7. She lasted a couple hours in them which was impressive.
After passing out candy for about an hour, we loaded up in Bob's truck and he drove VERY slowly down the street where the trick or treating was much more hoppin than our street. 
Suni had a ton of glow sticks leftover from her kids party this last summer so she brought them along. Somehow Bob became the glow stick man and passed them out to kids walking by. He was very popular! It was fun to see how excited kids got when they found out they could have one for free. We might have to order those in bulk and make that a tradition. 
We ended the night with a sugar filled bedtime snack and maybe started today with a sugar filled breakfast. 
Until next year,
rock on sisters.

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Misty said...

CUTEST COSTUMES YET!!!!!!!!!!! you are a rockstar mom!

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