Halloween 2013

Right.  SO, a little late.  But here's what we did for halloween.
We carved pumpkins for the first time letting the kids have carving knives.  (We like to live on the edge); We went to a petting zoo and carnival at their school and it was so much fun; we made jack o lantern cookies; I made them shirts to wear to school that glowed in the dark (for real this time! Not like that martha stewart "glow in the dark" paint I tried last year on the pumpkins); and we made teacher gifts with the candy corn shortbread cookies to take on halloween (and the twins teacher was sick, so who knows if she even got it…)
Oh and they went completely unrelated or thematic as a snow queen, a swamp monster and repunzel.  I need more control.
We went downtown on the square for actual halloween and then they ended up liking handing out candy more than getting it, so they were very generous with their handfuls of candy and we only trick or treated to my in laws and back.
Overall, I would say it was a success.

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