Lots and Lots

 That sums it up. Lots and lots of randomness.

Since we are well into November I will go ahead and start with some pumpkin carving and decorating that we did last month.
We made our pumpkins (and house) glitter, sparkle and shine.
Carving pumpkins has become one of my favorite halloween traditions.
I printed off some stencils for carving and McKenna went straight for Doc McStuffins. We taped it on the pumpkin and then took a thumb tack to mark the design in the pumpkin.
Then the power tools came out.
I think we were all in shock that it actually turned out and looked like her.

This cooler weather has been so wonderful. Ella and I have been to two different craft/junk/antique shows and she loves them. The first one was outside and had so many venders. It was overwhelming but so cool. We walked away with two care bear stuffed animals and 10 dollars worth of junk jewelry for the girls. Even when McKenna doesn't come along, Ella always wants to make sure we bring McKenna something home too. So sweet.
The second show was much smaller and kind of the same stuff. McKenna was with us for this one and I told the girls they could each pick out one thing. There was this one booth that had a rack full of tacky Christmas sweaters. That is how she was advertising them and everything. They were used and every bit of tacky. There was one small kid sweater that caught Ella's eye immediately. She wanted it. I told her that we would look at everything first before she decided. Every booth we went to she would say something about the sweater. That is all she wanted. So we went back and bought the sweater, which I think it cute on her! There wasn't a mirror there so she wanted me to take a pic of her in it. I love this kid.

We had fun at the zoo with sweet friends one day.
It's always so fun when Bob is off on a Saturday!

Ella had a little school project a couple weeks ago that we had so much fun with. She was sent home a printout of a turkey. We were told to disguise the turkey so that he wouldn't be recognized and eaten for Thanksgiving. I love this kind of stuff so I of course went all in. (Go Big or Go Home) We decided to have him singing in the rain under a big umbrella.
I made the umbrella with poster board and wrapped tape around a pipe cleaner for the umbrellas handle. Ella dressed the turkey in a rain hat, coat and boots. We hung raindrops from the umbrella to hide his face.
What turkey? Looks like Rihanna singing in the rain to me.

It only seems fitting to start this November post with Halloween events and end it with Christmas.
Yep. I am one of those people. My tree is up and stockings are hung.
I really do like to wait until the day after Thanksgiving (or close to it) but with traveling and it being so late this year, I couldn't help myself. Bob was working late one night last week so the girls and I did a fun "while you were out." We watched Polar Express and stayed up way past our bedtime to get everything set up. Bob loved coming home to Christmas. Or maybe the fact that he didn't have to get everything out of the attic this year.
Happy Holidays! 


Misty said...

that tacky christmas sweater could NOT be any cuter! I love it!

Isn't homework fun?! I think I get more excited over it than Masyn sometimes... glad I am not the only mom out there who is loving it! :) :)

I have to IG a photo in a minute for you... I have those cardboard letters from HobLob... and guess what mine spell?!


I want to paint or glitter them, but then I am afraid they won't go with everything. The banner that has been in our dining room since Masyn was 3 1/2 {her 1/2 bday banner} has seen it's last days & it said celebrate.... anyway, I just laughed out loud when I saw your mantel!

& our trees are up! Masyn asked if we could put ours up because our neighbor has theirs up :) so we did. Then AK had to go to Urgent Care because she gashed her thumb open on an ornament & I couldn't get it to stop bleeding! Now AK is terrified of the tree :/ My husband said, well, at least she isn't going to try to climb it now! {I was really concerned she would try that!}

Happy Halloween/Thanksgiving & Merry {almost} Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I just now saw that y'all changed the name of the blog! So very fitting for the two of you - I love it!! (even though it makes me a bit sad to see Lubbock dropped) Have fun in Disney World - our favorite place EVER!

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