So. You guys remember my super cool little sister Anna that I have blogged about numerous times? Well, she is about to get even cooler and soon one day she can make you look cool too! ok I have over used the word cool already, I'll stop, but you get the point. She's just cool. (last time, I promise)
Short recap on Anna: She is naturally beautiful already so when she puts on her big girl make up and teases her hair, watch out! She's HOT. She has always had a knack for knowing how to do the perfect hair and most stunning makeup. She went to ACU for a year but just didn't really have that wildcat spirit in her so she transferred to SFA for a year. She liked it there but just wasn't feeling like thats where she should be. After a few life lessons learned Anna has figured out what she really loves to do and is starting cosmetology school this August! It's absolutely perfect for her and I know she is going to be awesome at it! 
We are so excited for Anna and I can't wait to see what she does. I put together a little package to send her to help her get ready for cosmetology school. 
Of course this is an occasion where you need a homemade shirt. 
Picnik collage
The school she is going to is a Paul Mitchell school so I tried to use the same font as Paul Mitchell to write Anna Pool on the front of her shirt. She will totally have her own salon some day and have a way cooler (cooler isn't the same as cool) font than Paul but as for now his will do. And if there is one thing Anna is a pro at it's teasing her hair. I have watched her in the mirror a hundred times and still can't figure it out. So I thought a good hair motto for her would be "She'll tease to please." Maybe it comes across a little vulgar if your head is somewhere other than the hair world but you get the point. 
And you know Anna will be doing a million Bride's hair on their special day so who better to practice on than Bride Barbie?!
Don't worry Anna. If Bride Barbie's luscious locks of fake hair is too hard to work with, Ella has willingly volunteered to take her off your hands.
I hope this care package gets you pumped for all the exciting things that are about to happen in your life.

Since I'm on the subject of hair. I have A LOT of it. 
I am so so grateful for my thick, curly, and frizzy hair that takes me hours to tame. I really do love it. But I think I might love it even more next week! My mom is giving me an early 30th birthday present. A BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT! AHHH! For the first time 30 isn't looking so bad after all. I think it will save me so much time and help tame all the craziness that comes with my hair. Have any of you guys ever done the brazilian blowout? I will let ya know how it goes!
 And don't forget to be on the lookout for Anna Pool in the near future! She is going to be the best hair stylist and makeup artist EVER!


Mandie W said...

I'm so excited for her! I knew she hadn't quite found her niche, but I think she will love it. Cool doesn't even describe any of you girls. You are all beautiful inside and out!

Mandie W said...

"30"? Really? You have almost caught up with me! ;-)

jojo said...

What a great post!! I too am so excited for Anna! I think she is going to be awesome! 30 is going to look so good on you with or without that Brazilian Blowout. What a great supportive sister you are.

Misty said...

I love this post :) you're such a sweet sister. I think I remember telling you my mother in law has her own salon & its her dream job! She loves her sweet clients & going to work everyday. Nothing better than absolutely loving what you do!

Anna said...

:))) I love this and the package you sent me! You are the best sister ever! I can't wait to see how your blowout goes! Talk mom into letting me get extensions from nikki! haha

Leslie said...

Your sister seems so hip and is gorgeous. Yay for her!!! I can't wait to see pics of your hair. When I was in nursing school, I nannied for a family and the mom did it every year I think. It looked amazing!! Can't wait to see pics and happy birthday! Welcome to the club!!

Grey Skies And A Laurel Tree said...

I have a picture with hair just like that when I was little! I just got a B.B. and OMG my hair has NEVER dried on its own so straight! It is so wonderful in this Texas heat! My Hair Guy or Hair God as he likes to say told me this would be my hair crack and I think he is right! Good luck! ( but you don't need it bc it will be great!)

Sean and Nicole said...

I had a brazilian blowout a couple of months ago and LOVE it! I think my poor straightener feels left out. :) Make sure you use sulfate free shampoo afterwards to help make it last longer -- I just picked mine up at wal mart.

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